Take a first look at the new discounter Jack’s Supermarket


    We visited the brand new Jack’s supermarket in Hull on the opening day to find out what specials the discounter was offering.

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    Jack's supermarket hull
    Jack’s supermarket on opening day in Hull

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    The discounter Jack’s, part of the Tesco family, opened its doors in Hull on July 15th.

    We were invited to visit the store and check out the wide variety of grocery products as well as the center aisle which has a huge range of TIGIG products (if it’s gone, it’s gone!).

    There was so much hustle and bustle on opening day with a DJ, games and an amazingly good smelling BBQ with bacon butties in the morning and burgers given away for free for lunch (or dinner, whichever you call it).

    We even got a couple of reusable bags that will come in very handy.

    Jack’s discount store

    If you’re looking to save money on your weekly grocery store, Jack’s is the place for you.

    They sell everything you’d expect in a supermarket with something for the whole family.

    You can purchase high quality Jacks own-brand items, but you can also sell some Tesco grocery ranges as well as branded products.

    In addition, 7 out of 10 Jack products are grown, raised or manufactured in the UK.

    Jack's discount store
    First look at Jack’s supermarket

    To support local farmers, breeders and producers, 100% of fresh chicken, fresh lamb and fresh beef are British all year round.

    In addition, 100% of the fresh milk is British.

    Fresh five

    Jack's fresh five
    Jack’s supermarket Fresh Five

    For an amazing price-performance ratio, you want to integrate the Fresh Five into your menu.

    Every two weeks you can get fruit and vegetables for as little as 35 pence at top prices.

    At the moment you get:

    • Jack’s bundled green onions were 37p, now 29p
    • Jack’s loose conference pears were 40 pence, now 29 pence each
    • Jack’s chestnut mushrooms 250g were 79p, now 69p
    • Jack’s zucchini 350g was 79p, now 69p
    • Jack’s little sweet apples min 5 paco were 79p, now 69p

    When it’s gone, it’s gone

    Every Thursday a new range of When It’s Gone It’s Gone is launched at Jack’s.

    From household goods to electrical appliances, from children’s toys to patio furniture, there are many different things available at bargain prices.

    Be prepared, however; that stuff goes really fast.

    We spoke to some people in the store who told us how quickly the products were selling.

    Things like an inflatable egg chair priced at £ 15 and outdoor rattan seat sets (from £ 99) sold quickly (or even sold out).

    They sold a 5-piece Yankee Candle gift set for £ 20, a slush puppy machine for £ 30 and a 40-inch TV for just £ 189. Plus a lot more!

    But since there are new products every week, there is always something new to discover.

    It’s worth taking a look at Jack’s every week as you’re sure to save money on your shop.

    Jack’s Shop smart app

    When it comes to paying for your shop, you can use the Shop Smart App to track your purchases and scan them on the go.

    Simply scan the item’s barcode with your mobile phone and pack it up straight away.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to know what you’ve spent especially when you go to the middle when it’s gone, it’s gone!

    With the app, she keeps track of how much you’re spending so you can stay within your budget.

    At the checkout, you will be out of business much faster with the self-service checkout.

    Jack’s supermarket locations near me

    The Jack’s Hull store is the 13th in the UK.

    Here you can find the Jack’s supermarket in your area and its opening times.

    So it would be great to hear if you went to Jack’s on opening week? How do you find your wide range of articles?

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