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    At MoneyMagpie, we are passionate about educating everyone about money. Good money habits make you fit for life and help you keep track of your finances. In our opinion, this is particularly important in children.

    A study from Cambridge University showed that most money habits are formed by the age of 7! So it’s never too early to start talking to your kids about money. From the age of 3, children begin to understand basic concepts of money. So if you need help, give RoosterMoney a try.

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    What is RoosterMoney?

    RoosterMoney is a great and fun way to introduce kids to important money concepts. Designed for children of all ages and ages 4 and up, RoosterMoney helps children master all major money milestones. Younger children can use star cards to learn more about rewards, while older children can learn responsible spending with the Rooster Card, a prepaid debit card with parental controls. No matter what stage of life your children are in, RoosterMoney has tools and resources for you.

    How does RoosterMoney work?

    RoosterMoney consists of two parts: the app and the card. For younger kids, you can use the app as a virtual pocket money tracker that kids can use to keep track of their earnings and savings. You can assign them tasks and give them a reward when they complete them. Parents control what money comes in and what goes out – so you stay mom & dad’s bank without actually having to make deposits.

    As the kids get older, you can turn them into real money with the Rooster Card, which gives you flexible parental controls and the independence to make informed decisions about saving and spending in a safe environment.

    Rooster money

    Why choose RoosterMoney?

    RoosterMoney makes housework and pocket money fun, easy and educational. They are committed to teaching children good, basic money habits through hands-on learning. Both parents and children can use the app (children have their own login) to manage pocket money, set goals and keep track of chores. This is a very easy and convenient way of teaching your children the importance and value of money in everyday life.

    The Rooster debit card is packed with kid-friendly features that make it safe for children to use.

    • Parents can indicate where money can be spent (in stores, at ATMs, or online), and you can both get instant spend notifications on your phone.
    • The card cannot be used in stores with merchant codes over 18 years of age (e.g. without licenses and betting shops).
    • If the card is stolen (or just lost!), You can lock and unlock it instantly, and it uses a one-time CVV for safer online purchases.
    • It is also important that children can only spend what is available in their spend pot in the app and therefore cannot be overdrawn.

    The website also offers free access to a lot of great educational content related to education on their website. This is a great place to find easy-to-understand resources that cover everything from taxes to budgeting.

    Get the offer

    If you’re passionate about teaching your kids valuable money that you grew up (or wished for!) To grow up with, then give RoosterMoney a try.

    Register today and get a free one month trial plus £ 5 pocket money bonus when you take out an annual Rooster Card subscription (£ 24.99 / year) with a promo code MAGPIE5. Login here.


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