Tesco sells groceries in reusable packaging – will Loop cost more?


    Instead of buying products in normal packaging, Tesco sells a range of foods, beverages, Household and beauty products in reusable, reusable and durable packaging. Is it more expensive?

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    tesco loop products in the shopping cart
    Photo credit: Tesco

    To save on single-use packaging, Tesco is offering a new shopping option in a number of large Tesco stores.

    You can buy products in reusable packaging that you can then return to the store for cleaning, refilling and reuse.

    88 products are available at Tesco Loop, including big brand names like Tetley, Persil and Brew Dog.

    They also added 25 of their own branded items such as: Pasta, rice, oil, and sugar so you don’t have to buy more expensive products.

    In contrast to shopping according to your own style, where you bring a pot and skim off a desired amount, at Loop all products are sold sealed with fixed amounts.

    When you’re done with that, the packaging is cleaned itself and reused by the same companies to get the groceries back on the shelves.

    Tesco has said that the prices for the content of each item are comparable to the original.

    However, you are required to leave a refundable security deposit when purchasing loop-packaged products.

    The deposit fee starts at 20 pence and you will receive a refund via an app after you have returned the packaging to the store.

    Tesco has calculated that if customers in stores using Loop switch three items in their weekly grocery store, the packaging would be used and reused more than two and a half million times a year.

    Tesco loop
    Photo credit: Tesco

    This is how Loop works in business

    1. Visit the store’s loop facility and choose which pre-filled products in reusable loop containers to buy. In the case of identical products in plastic packaging, the prices for the content of each item are comparable to conventional products.
    2. At the end of your shop, the loop items with other purchases are put through the checkout and a small deposit is paid for each piece of reusable packaging.
    3. The products are consumed at home.
    4. You download the “Loop Deposit” app and register your details.
    5. When you do your next purchase, bring the empty bins back.
    6. In the store, you get a QR sticker at the loop return point and stick it on the container. Then scan it with the Loop app on your phone.
    7. The empty containers are then placed in the loop return point.
    8. Loop picks up the container and refunds the deposit in 3-6 days via the app.
    9. You also have the option of buying a loop bag (again with a deposit) with a QR code to make returning large quantities of containers easier and faster.

    As soon as you have returned the packaging, it will be cleaned and can be refilled and re-bought.

    What products can I buy?

    There is a wide range of everyday foods that you will likely get in your weekly shopping.

    You can pick up Tesco’s own branded groceries, as well as a range of branded groceries, beverages, household items and toiletries.

    You can choose from Alberto Balsam, Bisto, BrewDog, Bulldog Skincare, Carex, Coca-Cola, Dr. Will’s, Ecover, Fever-Tree, Finish, Good4U, Hardys, Mackays, Heinz, Meridian, Mud House, Naked Noodle, Original Source, Persil, Quaker Oats, Radox, Simple, Sipsmith and Tetley.

    The packaging will be labeled so that you can clearly see what you are buying.

    Recycling circular packaging
    Photo credit: Tesco

    Tesco Loop Prices – is it Cheaper?

    When purchasing an item, you need to take into account the price and the deposit that you will have to pay.

    The deposit will be refunded a few days after the empty packaging has been returned.

    I did a little bit of random checking of prices and picked a few items at random.

    If you buy Bisto in its typical packaging it will cost you £ 2.50 – just like Loop.

    However, a bottle of Coca Cola costs £ 1.59 for 1.5L bought online, which is less than the loop equivalent of £ 1.95 (for 1 liter) which means you would pay more.

    Tesco Sunflower Oil 500ml would cost £ 1.09 for a full liter, but half the amount of Loop is 80p

    Some items sold through Loop also have different package sizes for what you normally see on the supermarket shelf. Not sure if this is a similar price / packaging drop as in Poundland or if it is because of the generic size of the packaging?

    What you might also miss out on are specials and price changes (like the discount you get with Clubcard prices). We are currently unsure whether loop-packaged products will ever be offered at a lower price as part of a promotion.

    How do you think the prices compare to buying products in the usual packaging?

    Product descriptionpricedeposit
    Alberto Balsam Naturals coconut conditioner 500ml€ 1.35€ 2.00
    Alberto Balsam Naturals coconut shampoo 500ml€ 1.35€ 2.00
    Bisto Best Beef Sauce 250g£ 2.50€ 0.20
    Bisto Best Chicken Sauce 250g£ 2.50€ 0.20
    Brewdog Lost Lager 1 liter bottle£ 3.75 each1.00 €
    Brewdog Punk IPA 1 liter bottle£ 5.501.00 €
    Bulldog Age Defense Moisturizing Cream 100ml€ 8.00€ 2.00
    Bulldog Energizing Moisturizer 100ml€ 8.00€ 2.00
    Bulldog Oil Control Moisturizing Cream 100ml£ 6.00€ 2.00
    Bulldog Original Moisturizing Cream 100ml£ 6.00€ 2.00
    Bulldog Sensitive Moisturizing Cream 100ml£ 6.00€ 2.00
    Carex Advanced Protect + Marine Minerals Antibacterial Hand Wash 500ml€ 2.70€ 2.00
    Coca Cola Original Flavor 1l1.95 €€ 0.20
    Coca Cola Zero sugar 1l1.75 €€ 0.20
    Dr. Will’s beetroot ketchup 250g€ 2.30€ 0.50
    Dr. Will’s Miso Tahini Dressing 250g€ 2.30€ 0.50
    Dr. Will’s Sriracha Hot Sauce 250g€ 2.30€ 0.50
    Dr. Will’s tomato ketchup 250g€ 2.30€ 0.50
    Dr. Will’s Vegan Caesar Dressing 250g€ 2.30€ 0.50
    Dr. Will’s Vegan Mayo without sugar 240g€ 2.30€ 0.50
    Ecover Lemon & Aloe Dishwashing Liquid 480ml1.70 €€ 2.00
    Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water 750ml€ 2.93€ 0.20
    Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water 750ml€ 2.93€ 0.20
    Finish Powerball Quantum Ultimate Lemon Dishwasher Tabs X40 500g€ 7.25£ 5.00
    Good4U Breakfast Boost Protein Ground Seeds 240g€ 3.25€ 0.50
    Good4U Salad Topper Garlic & Chili 225g€ 3.25€ 0.50
    Good4U Salad Topper Super Seeds 250g€ 3.25€ 0.50
    Hardys Crest Cabernet Shiraz Merlot 750ml Loop€ 7.00€ 0.50
    Heinz tomato ketchup 342g£ 1.45 each€ 0.50
    Mackays Caramelized Red Onion Jam With Chili 225g£ 1.30 each€ 0.50
    Mackays Chili Jam 235g£ 1.30 each€ 0.50
    Mackays lemon curd 340g€ 2.00€ 0.50
    Mackays Scottish Raspberry Jam 340g€ 1.65€ 0.50
    Mackays Scottish Strawberry Jam 340g€ 1.65€ 0.50
    Mackays Seville orange jam 340g£ 1.45 each€ 0.50
    Mackays Chutney with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Smoked Chilli 225g£ 1.30 each€ 0.50
    Mackays Vintage Dundee Orange Jam 340g£ 1.45 each€ 0.50
    Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter 100% Nuts 470g€ 3.30€ 0.50
    Meridian Smooth Peanut Butter 100% Nuts 470g€ 3.30€ 0.50
    Mud house Sauvignon Blanc 750ml Loop£ 9.00€ 0.50
    Naked Noodle Japanese Style Teriyaki Egg Noodles 78g€ 0.751.00 €
    Naked Noodle Thai Style Sweet Chili Egg Noodles 78g€ 0.751.00 €
    Original Source Tingly Mint & Tea Tree shower gel 500ml€ 2.00€ 2.00
    Persil Non Bio liquid detergent 45 Wash Prefill 1215ml£ 5.503.00 €
    Quaker Traditional Oatmeal Porridge Cannister 400g€ 0.703.00 €

    More prices

    Product descriptionpricedeposit
    Radox Naturals Chamomile Shower Cream 500ml1.75 €€ 2.00
    Radox Naturals Eucalyptus Shower Gel 500ml1.75 €€ 2.00
    Radox Naturals Lemongrass Shower Gel 500ml1.75 €€ 2.00
    Back refill repeat pump for life1.00 €0.00 €
    Silver spoon powdered sugar 500g0.80 €£ 2.50
    Silver spoon granulated sugar 500g€ 0.32£ 2.50
    Simple Naturals perfume-free liquid hand wash 500ml1.75 €€ 2.00
    Sipsmith London Dry Gin 70cl€ 28.501.00 €
    Tesco Arborio Risotto Rice 600g€ 1.25£ 2.50
    Tesco basmati rice 1kg1.60 €3.00 €
    Tesco Bombay Mix 250g€ 1.25£ 2.50
    Tesco cashew nuts 450g€ 5.20€ 2.00
    Tesco Chopped Apricots 500g€ 3.60£ 2.50
    Tesco cold-pressed rapeseed oil 500ml3.00 €€ 0.50
    Tesco Conchiglie Pasta 425g€ 0.453.00 €
    Tesco Demerara Sugar 500g1.20 €£ 2.50
    Tesco Dolly Mixes 350g€ 1.65€ 2.00
    Tesco Finest Scottish Porridge Oats 500g£ 1.10 each3.00 €
    Tesco fruit and nut muesli 550g€ 1.473.00 €
    Tesco Fusilli Pasta 450g€ 0.483.00 €
    Tesco honey roasted cashew nuts 250g£ 3.33€ 2.00
    Tesco jelly babies 350g€ 1.05€ 2.00
    Tesco Jumbo Roasted Salted Cashew Nuts 250g£ 3.32£ 2.50
    Tesco Liquorice Allsorts 350g€ 1.05€ 2.00
    Tesco long grain rice 1kg1.20 €3.00 €
    Tesco milk chocolate peanuts 350g€ 1.31€ 2.00
    Tesco milk chocolate raisins 350g€ 1.31€ 2.00
    Tesco mini gemstones 350g€ 1.31€ 2.00
    Tesco Muesli Swiss style with no added sugar or salt 450g€ 0.993.00 €
    Tesco olive oil 500ml€ 2.40€ 0.50
    Tesco Penne Pasta 500g€ 0.533.00 €
    Tesco flour 750g€ 0.483.00 €
    Tesco red split lenses 600g€ 1.35£ 2.50
    Tesco Roasted Salted Pistachios 350g€ 4.00£ 2.50
    Tesco Sea Salt & Black Pepper Roasted Cashew Nuts 250g£ 3.33€ 2.00
    Tesco Seedless Raisins 450g€ 1.62£ 2.50
    Tesco self-raising flour 750g€ 0.553.00 €
    Tesco sultanas 450g€ 2.15£ 2.50
    Tesco sunflower oil 500ml0.80 €€ 0.50
    Tesco Super Berry Granola 500g1.70 €3.00 €
    Tesco Sweet Chili Crispy Coated Peanuts 400g€ 2.40£ 2.50
    Tesco unsalted mixed nuts & raisins 500g€ 2.00£ 2.50
    Tesco walnut pieces 300g€ 4.10£ 2.50
    Tetley Original 80 tea bags 250g€ 2.001.00 €
    Woman shopping at Loop
    Photo credit: Tesco

    Which Tesco stores will Loop have?

    Starting September 13th, the following 10 stores will be offering Loop and Recycling:

    1. Milton Keynes Kingston
    2. Northampton South
    3. Cambridge Newmarket Road
    4. Wellingborough
    5. Milton Keynes Wolverton
    6. Evesham
    7. Leicester Hamilton
    8. Stratford-upon-Avon
    9. Ashby de la Zouch
    10. Loughborough Rushes

    As this is a very new process, Loop Ambassadors will be in the stores to fully explain how Lopp works.

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