Thames Water accepts payments from customers at an early stage in the form of direct debit errors


    How to see if you are affected

    We first became aware of the issue after one of the employees who are also a Thames Water customer – MSE James – received an email from the company admitting the error.

    According to Thames Water, all affected customers who have given the company an email address will now be notified by email. If your email address is not available, you may still be affected and have not been informed.

    If in doubt, check your bank account. If your direct debit is normally withdrawn on the 14th, it may have been withdrawn on the 13th instead. Thames Water will not say how many customers were affected by the problem in total, even though it is less than 30,000.

    You can get bank charges reimbursed – but you have to ask

    If the unexpected payment means that your bank has charged you a fee, for example because you ran into an overdraft as a result, Thames Water will pay the costs.

    If you need to request a refund, email at:

    • A subject line from ‘Bank Charges’
    • Your Thames Water account number
    • Proof of bank charges, e.g. B. an account statement or a letter from your bank
    • Whether you prefer to deposit the refund in credit to your Thames Water account or in cash to your bank account

    Make sure you keep any paperwork or bank statements showing charges such as overdraft fees. And if you haven’t incurred any bank charges but are concerned that paying early by direct debit could cause you to be there in due course, keep checking your account.


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