The 10 Biggest Selling Mistakes To Avoid – Amanda Abella


    I want you to stay open-minded because sales will connect the dots for you.

    Last weekend, my team and I completed intensive sales training. In addition, we carried out a 10X Business Bootcamp with Grant Cardone.

    Mistake # 1: leaving money on the table

    A lot of people don’t realize that pricing is related to sales. So first we make sure you’re eye to eye, and then we put you up for sale with scripts. Then we will teach you about prospecting, objection, handling and closing.

    I need to make sure you have a reasonable price because if these three things aren’t there, it doesn’t matter how many scripts I give you. So you don’t close anyone.

    Mistake # 2: Not knowing your audience

    So many people don’t know their audience, and it completely kills their sales. If you don’t know who you are selling to, you cannot identify their weaknesses in order to provide an argument for the potential customer to buy what you are selling.

    Mistake # 3: Adopting Impostor Syndrome

    Many women feel that they are not worth what they are doing or that they are not worth asking large amounts of money. All of this boils down to imposter syndrome.

    So many women think that if the service they offer is simple, simple, fun, and easy for me, then there is no way I can possibly make money from it. Sometimes you think that you are a cheat and that you are being discovered. It doesn’t matter how many awards or degrees you have; Cheat Syndrome can creep into the way you think.

    As women, we believe that we have to have everything perfect before we can start, which is a huge downside because women do a better job. They are more efficient than men at work and hold back on this line of thought.

    Mistake # 4: Not asking for more money

    As a former recruiter, I’ve seen people ask for more money. I’ve never seen a woman ask for more money in the years I’ve worked as a recruiter, and I think that’s a huge mistake. Make sure that you are not belittling yourself, your talent, or your abilities. Ask for more money when you sell your product or service.

    Mistake # 5: Your service or product doesn’t fix a problem

    You need to get results for your customers by fixing a problem for them. That’s the only reason people buy something to fix a problem. Even when it comes to recreational items, you’re still solving a problem in some form, shape, or form. That’s the only reason consumers buy it to solve problems.

    Mistake # 6: Relying on Your Coaching Certifications

    Those of you who rely on your coaching certifications to make sales are going to have a tough time. Nobody cares about your credentials. Nobody has ever asked me if I am certified for what I am, but nobody cares. Instead, people ask me what results can you bring me? It would be helpful if you could dig into the business education to learn from A to Z about business development, market research, marketing and sales.

    Do you see her? Do you fix your problem? How do you solve your problem? That’s what they want to know, and that’s what you need to know to help you sell.

    Mistake # 7: Waiting for Leads to Come to You

    I see how many people are waiting for leads. There is a “build it and they will come” mentality. Not how that works. What happens in the end is you end up sitting on leads. You weren’t taught how to be proactive in sales. You were shown how to write emails and evergreen funnels and put the course on the website. Then you feel like people show up and buy your products.

    People don’t magically buy through an email or sales page. Not if you’re making a lot of ticket sales that requires talking to someone. Second, even if you have a low ticket, you need to run paid advertising for this to work and to control traffic. Number three, posting on Instagram doesn’t get you sales.

    Never wait for people to come to you. People in sales go for the opportunity. You don’t wait for people to show up.

    Mistake # 8: Pricing at a lower price generates more sales

    I’ve seen so many sellers make the mistake of thinking that when they sell something at a lower price, it’s easier to sell.

    That’s not true at all.

    The higher the price, the easier it is to sell. It’s a lot easier because you get better customers. They don’t skimp because they know they are investing in their business or themselves and they know you have the tools to get them where they need to be. You are ready to do whatever it takes to get the results so that these customers have more fun.

    Mistake # 9: You don’t have the right business structure

    So many people in business don’t have the right business structure to generate the sales or cash flow they need. I speak to those of you who are stuck with individual work or services done for you.

    As soon as I got my own business out of this business model, I doubled my sales in 12 months. So what did i do? Why was I suddenly able to make $ 10,000 in cash in two weeks? I used to have to work my ass off so that everything came down to the business structure in a month.

    People who have joined Persuade for Profit have been doing individual work for a while and are burning to hell. They are booked out and busy, but they work around the clock and feel like they need to light the first store and start a second model in order to regain their freedom.

    Mistake # 10: Giving up too easily

    The final mistake is that people give up too quickly on selling. If they don’t get results right away, they get upset. So make sure you go through with it and understand that you need to contact prospects three, four, maybe five times before they’ll sign up with you.

    Remember, no one is born knowing how to sell. You have to find the information yourself. I’ve been in sales since I was 20 and I still train every goddamn day. I’m getting better every day. I closed last week $ 20,000 in sales – I couldn’t do that a few years ago and last week in 24 hours.

    Since I am trained in sales, I know that I cannot let up in the practice and persistence of these particular skills. If you haven’t received help learning these skills, check out my Persuade to Profits program, which will teach you basic sales skills to take you to the next level.

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