The 12 Best Places to Sell a Wedding Dress for the Most Money in 2021


    Saying yes to the dress can be one of the most important wedding planning decisions a bride makes. After the big day, some may decide to keep, donate, or sell the special dress.

    There are many ways to sell your dress. Online consignment stores often charge a flat fee to set up your listing and you get paid when the dress is sold.

    Then there are your general online sales apps like eBay that take a percentage of the sale price.

    After all, you have marketplaces like WeddingBee or Facebook Marketplace, where it’s free to use, but where you communicate directly with the buyer.

    Top places to sell your wedding dress

    There are many ways to list your wedding dress. Some are wide while others are specific to wedding dresses. Find the best for you.

    1. Almost newly married

    almost just married logo

    Nearly Newlywed can be a good place to sell your dress if you don’t want to do a lot of work. You can put your dress up for sale on the website for a fee of $ 25.

    Almost Newlywed takes it from there. They process all inquiries about your dress. When your dress is sold, ship it to Nearly Newlywed and they will take care of everything from there.

    They ship it to the buyer and take care of all the customer service aspects of the sale. In return for this “hands off” approach You receive 60% of the sales price and they keep 40%.

    This may seem like a huge commission to pay. However, all you have to do is list your dress and send it to them once it’s sold.

    Bonus: Nearly Newlywed offers heavily discounted clothes cleaning services.

    2. Still white

    stillwhite logo

    Stillwhite is considered the largest marketplace for used wedding dresses. Their website says they helped people sell over $ 26 million worth of wedding dresses. Selling on Stillwhite is easy.

    You have two ways to sell plans:

    • Standard ($ 20): You can upload four photos. You don’t pay any commission fees and the dress will be listed until it is sold.
    • Premium ($ 30): You can upload eight photos, pay no commission, and list them up to sale. You will also be able to see your dress on the Stillwhite homepage for seven days. A larger photo will also be included in the search.

    This site is nice because it doesn’t charge you any commissions. However, it is one-time fee is non-refundableeven if your dress isn’t sold.

    3. Wedding bee

    Wedding bee logo

    Weddingbee is a website dedicated to all things wedding related. Here you can find advice on planning your wedding, navigating relationships, makeup tips, and more.

    There is also a classifieds section where you can buy and sell wedding items. You can sell anything people would use for a wedding, including wedding dresses.

    It doesn’t cost you anything to sell your dress on Weddingbee. However, you can pay a fee to have your ad advertised as a featured ad.

    As a seller of Weddingbee classifieds, you handle all communication with potential buyers as well as payment and shipping details.

    The website has guidelines for using their classified ads. I would suggest following these to protect yourself from unscrupulous buyers.

    4. Tradesy

    Tradesy logo

    Tradesy helps you sell designer items that are in great condition. They have a variety of types of clothing and accessories for sale, including wedding dresses and accessories.

    It is great easy to sell on Tradesy. Simply click the “Start Selling” button in the top right corner of your PC screen on the Tradesy website.

    Or download the Tradesy app. You start by uploading photos and then describing your item. In addition, you can set your price and choose the shipping options that you offer.

    Tradesy will notify you when someone buys your item and ask you to ship it. You pay a Flat shipping fee of $ 7.50 on items you sell for under $ 50.

    If you sell an item for $ 50 or more, Tradesy takes one 19.8% commission and send you the remaining sale money.

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    5. Once Wed

    Former logo

    Once Wed was launched in 2008 to help people sell wedding dresses. The website now offers many tools for planning a wedding.

    However, they still offer listing services if you want to sell your wedding dress. The guidelines for selling at Once Wed are simple: put your dress up for sale for one year Fee of $ 19.95.

    You don’t pay any additional commissions or fees. This is a do-it-yourself site for selling your wedding dress.

    Once Wed only offers a listing service. This means that you are responsible for all the details of your sales transaction. You need to receive payment, ship the dress, and communicate with your buyer.

    However, Once Wed has a customer service center to help you with any questions about your listing.

    6. Used wedding dresses

    used wedding dresses logo helps people sell wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. The website can also help you sell wedding accessories.

    When you sell your wedding dress on their website, you pay one one-time listing fee of $ 25. You never pay commissions on sales or any other fees.

    As with similar websites, you handle all communication with potential buyers. In addition, you take care of incoming payments, shipping and customer service.

    This website provides tips to help you coordinate a smooth transaction.

    7. Wedding recycling

    Wedding recycle logo

    Wedding Recycle does not charge any fees for listing your wedding dress for sale on the website. They charge listing fees to retailers or wholesalers, but not to private individuals.

    Once you’ve listed your dress on Wedding Recycle, buyers can add it to their cart and proceed to checkout. If you use the shopping cart function, you pay Wedding Recycle a 4% commission and keep the rest to yourself.

    This is another do-it-yourself site where you are responsible for a safe transaction. Take the precautions mentioned on the website to protect yourself. And know that you are responsible for collecting payments and shipping the dress.


    sellmyweddingdress logo is a simple listing site where you can sell your wedding dress. As with other listing sites, you need to coordinate the details of your sale.

    You need to communicate with potential buyers, receive payment, and ship your dress. It costs $ 19.97 for a basic listing on the site and $ 29.97 for a premium listing.

    With the premium entry you get twice as many photos and active ads for your dress as you get with the basic entry.

    9. Nobel brand

    poshmark logo

    Poshmark helps people sell women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories, including wedding dresses. When you sell at Poshmark, you can have your dress up for sale in less than a minute.

    They take 20% of the sale price and you keep 80% of the sale price. If your dress sells for under $ 15, there will be a $ 2.95 fee. Poshmark also provides you with a free shipping label to make shipping easier.

    If you sell at Poshmark, the company will release your funds on the fourth day after delivery is complete. Poshmark is a popular website with millions of items available for sale.

    10. Local consignment shops

    Another idea for selling your wedding dress is to take it to local consignment stores. You might find a consignment store that sells all types of clothing that sells your wedding dress.

    Or you can consult local bridal shops to see if they have a consignment area where people can sell used wedding dresses.

    Note that with consignment transactions, you need to share the profit from your sale. The commissions in the consignment shop vary. Some only charge 20% of the selling price. However, others may ask for 40%, 50% or more.

    Be sure to read the fine print in the consignment store contract before signing a listing contract.

    11. Craigslist

    Craigslist logo

    Craigslist is an old willingness to sell almost anything locally. With Craigslist and similar websites, you don’t pay listing or selling fees.

    Be sure to take safety precautions when selling on local buy and sell sites. Bring someone and tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.

    Also, don’t accept personal checks. Cash and cashier’s checks (call the bank for verification) are best for dealing with local buy and sell sites.

    12. eBay

    Ebay logo icon

    eBay is a proven source for selling almost anything. And that includes wedding dresses.

    eBay has been helping people sell things for more than two decades. Yes, you pay to sell on eBay. There are no longer any listing fees for sales on the website. However, you pay a final evaluation fee of 10% on your final sale price.

    For this fee, you get the brand awareness and notoriety of one of the best-selling websites in the world. In addition, eBay offers shipping discounts of up to 25% when you print your shipping labels from their website.


    When you are thinking of selling your wedding dress, you have many options to choose from. Whether you want full service help or a simple DIY listing site, your wedding dress can be sold.


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