The 5 best ways to make money while locked down from home


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    After more than a year of the coronavirus, most of us around the world are pretty experienced with lockdowns and social distancing – not to mention being fed up with it. Every novelty ever has been worn out – but it’s never too late to find new ways to fill your time. And if you can make some money on the side, why wouldn’t you?

    This article describes five ways you can make money safely from home by making money renting out your garage or driveway to those in need Parking space or storage space to start a sideline.

    Contactless ways to make money from home

    1) Rent out your space

    Own property that you don’t use? Do you have a coveted parking space that is not occupied? Don’t just let it sit there. Instead, make some money out of it by renting it out.

    Travel restrictions and restrictions on indoor mixing can make it difficult to rent out your property to vacationers or renters. However, companies like Stashbee are focused on providing customers with places to store their goods instead of shelter – and offer COVID-safe customizations like remote key delivery.

    These companies also handle bookings and payments, and offer insurance for extra security.

    2) Invest

    If you want to turn the money you already have into more, investing can be a great hobby. Instead of just leaving your money stagnating in a bank account, where it could even lose value over time, you can experiment with investing.

    There are a good selection of apps These are tailored for newcomers, and those who wish can consult with professional brokers on where to put their money.

    Top tip: While investing can be a great way to make money from home, it is not risk-free. While all you would be wasted on with the other items on this list is time, know that investing can potentially gobble up your savings. Stay safe, stay cautious, and never put in money you can’t afford to lose.

    3) Become a freelancer

    This is a pretty generic heading, but that’s partly intentional. Freelancing is a big world with lots of opportunities to explore, and part of the fun can be finding your niche.

    Types of freelance work include:

    • Write
    • Complete online surveys
    • Manage a company’s social media presence
    • And more!

    If you’re looking for ways to make money from home, it may be worth exploring freelance opportunities.

    The 5 best ways to make money while locked down from home

    Sites like Upwork and Fiverr have tons of opportunities for all kinds of odd jobs, and you can even make money on survey sites by sitting at home and watching videos – which, if you’re something like this writer, may have embarrassed you a lot anyway Time…

    Set up as a freelancer is also quick and easy, which means you can get started anytime.

    4) Try tutoring

    It’s a form of freelance work, sure, but tutoring varies so much that it deserves a section of its own.

    While personal tuition is available whenever there is a suspension, online tuition has been a quietly booming industry for years. It has only grown in popularity during the pandemic as more and more students struggled to adjust to disrupted schooling.

    It’s easy to set up, and most tutoring sites allow you to register for free. You can also find work through agencies, which makes it a bit easier to find clients, as the agency will often match you with a student who matches your skills.

    Top tip: Tutoring does not only have to be in academic work. Many websites have special sections for those who can teach things like musical instruments or even general life skills. So don’t worry if you don’t have any academic qualifications!

    5) Set up a sideline

    We’re not sure when “sideline business” or “extra work” or even “hobbies” became “sideline activities,” but the phrase has an undeniable charm about it. Selling car boots may not be permitted during a lockdown. But why bother when you can set up an online store?

    Sites like Etsy are great ways to turn your home improvement project into a nice little sideline, and the proliferation of social media means it has never been easier than acting as your own marketing team.

    The 5 best ways to make money while locked down from home

    Times are tough and nothing is going to actively make a lockout pleasant – but hopefully these home making ways to make money have given you some ideas on how to get the most of it.


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