The 5 Easiest Money Saving Phone Calls You Can Make Right Now


    make money-saving phone calls

    Some money saving tasks require a lot of time and effort. And as such, they can end up on your to-do list for a very long time.

    But there are other things you can do to save money that only require a quick phone call. And when I say briefly, I usually mean 15 minutes or less.

    In fact, some of the ideas listed below can take less than 5 minutes online. Here are some of the easiest money-saving phone calls you can make today.

    1. Call your credit card issuer

    If you have a balance on your credit card, just call and see if your interest rate comes down. Nine times out of ten, they’ll offer you a discounted rate for a period of time.

    That’s a quick and easy saving. The conversation usually goes something like this:

    • you: Hello, I am interested in lowering my APR to help me achieve something [insert personal financial goal here.]
    • Customer service representative: Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer a lower APR.
    • you: “Oh that’s a shame. Apparently I have to cancel this account and transfer my balance to another credit card. I found several cards ready to offer 0% introductory price. Plus, several other cards offer significantly lower APRs.
    • Customer service representative: Hmm, let me double check the system.
    • you: Many Thanks.
    • C.Customer service representative: It looks like the system is now ready to offer me a reduced APR of X.

    Of course, this won’t work 100%. If for some reason they don’t lower your price, consider getting another card.

    Spend 5 minutes browsing our favorite reward credit cards to find a card with 0% APR credit transfers and spend the last 10 minutes filling out the application. In 15 minutes you could be on your way to saving.

    Check out our guide to the best credit cards for students >>>

    2. Call your insurance provider

    The next phone number on our list of the easiest money-saving phone calls to make is your car insurance. Find out about the current tariffs and whether you are entitled to a discount. This can add up if it’s been years since you looked at your policy.

    Have your circumstances changed too? Are you putting your car in the garage or did you get an alarm? If you tell the agent, you will usually be eligible for a discount. The conversation could look like this:

    • you: Hello, I am calling you with a few questions about my current insurance rates.
    • Customer service representative: Great, how can I help.
    • you: Ask one of the following questions that match your current situation:
    • Can I get a discount if I have been a loyal customer for X years?
    • What savings will I get if I bundle my auto and homeowner insurance with you?
    • Are there discounts for prepaying my invoice for the whole year?
    • Can you offer a discount based on my employer?
    • Customer service representative: I look forward to seeing what I can do.
    • you: Many Thanks.

    Many insurance companies don’t readily offer their discount lists so be sure to ask. After all, do you have home insurance or home insurance? When you bundle with the same insurance company, you are usually entitled to a multiple discount that allows you to save even more!

    We got our college renter insurance for free because we had a combo discount with our car insurance? See here if you can get a similar offer.

    3. Call your phone or cable company

    Contacting your phone or cable company and asking for a lower rate or discount can be another of your easiest calls to save money.

    With all the competition in these markets (especially from online streaming services), many providers fear losing customers and will offer incentives to stay. The conversation could look like this:

    • you: Hello, I’m calling because my current cell phone tariff is too heavy on my budget. Are there any possible discounts?
    • Customer service representative: Unfortunately no, we do not offer discounts.
    • you: Okay, since it’s just too much for my budget, I want to cancel my plan.
    • Customer service representative: Hmm, let me see what options you might have.
    • you: Many Thanks.
    • Customer service representative: It looks like we can offer you X discount.

    Again, this won’t work every time. And you shouldn’t threaten to close an account unless you’re really ready to leave.

    It’s also important to note that many companies have a long list of discounts available. And employees have incentives to offer the cheapest before the big ones. Read how we found the best mobile phone plans.

    Just keep asking, don’t settle for free products, and see where you land. Also note that most discounts are only valid for a short time, e.g. B. 6 months. So make sure to keep track of when your discounts end. At the end of the day, cutting your cable and saving money without it may be a smarter option.

    4. Call your district appraiser

    Finally, if you are a homeowner, you should call your county assessor and see if your property taxes can be lowered. Here is an example conversation script:

    • you: Hello, I’m calling because I don’t agree with the tax value of my property.
    • Customer service representative: Can I ask why?
    • you: My property is missing X, Y and Z. And comparable properties in the area have a much lower tax value.
    • Customer service representative: Hmm, I see. Well, you are welcome to file an official property tax complaint. After the review, the county can adjust the property value of your home.
    • you: Many Thanks.

    Many counties have very lean processes for processing appeals. For example, this is how a property tax appeal works in Georgia Counties. Call your local office to find out how things are working near you. One quick phone call could save you thousands!

    Read our complete guide on how to save money on your property taxes.

    5. Bonus: Let someone else make the call for you

    The simplest of all money-saving phone calls is the one that you don’t have to make at all! Fortunately, there are a few services out there that are happy to tackle this point on the to-do list for you.

    Some popular services that can help you make savings are Truebill, Cushion, and Trim. Everyone will negotiate your bills on your behalf, so you can enjoy lower costs without ever picking up the phone.


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