The Award Traveller’s Guide for Alaska Lounges in Seattle


Despite its name, Alaska Airlines is headquartered in Seattle, with Seattle-Tacoma Airport serving as the main hub. The airline has several lounges at the airport that provide a unique experience for tired travelers on the go.

Here’s everything you need to know about Seattle’s Alaska Lounges so you can get away from some of the crowds and noise for more relaxation while flying.

Note: Due to COVID-19, some lounges may not be open at the moment. You can find updated hours and closings on the lounge website. Certain normal offers may be limited or unavailable.

What every lounge offers

Sea-Tac Airport can feel a bit spread out. You may therefore choose the lounge that is closest to your departure gate. However, the train system within the airport makes getting from terminal to terminal a breeze and gives you options if you take the time to explore. Here’s a closer look at each of the Alaska lounges at Sea-Tac.

N Concourse / North Satellite Lounge

The space: Alaska Airlines’ flagship lounge, the N Concourse / North Satellite Lounge, allows travelers to expand to over 15,800 square feet. It is adorned with Pacific Northwest accents and aviation-related design elements, and has large windows with views of the Olympic Mountains, downtown Seattle, and taxiing planes.

The amenities: Take a seat by the large fireplace or head to the bar to relax with a cocktail or one of the dozen microbreweries on tap. Nearby, a barista serves espresso drinks to order. All baristas were trained by Starbucks. So expect a quality mug every time.

Made-to-order dishes such as flatbread pizzas and salads can be purchased. And you’ll find the Alaska Airlines pancake machine “prints” fluffy pancakes all day.

The hours: Daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Photo courtesy Alaska Airlines

D Concourse Lounge

The space: The D Concourse Lounge has two levels. It is located right after the security check. So if you want to get out of the chaos at the airport, go here.

The amenities: On the first level you will find plenty of seating, a small coffee / tea station and some light snacks. Head upstairs to the bar, more food (usually croissants or salad, depending on the time of day), free Starbucks coffee, and of course another pancake machine.

The hours: Daily from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.

C Concourse Lounge – currently closed

The space: This lounge is located in Hall C. Near Gate C16, take an elevator or stairs up one level to the mezzanine floor for views of the asphalt and mountains from this delightfully converted lounge. In addition, the seats have sockets that you can use to charge your devices.

The amenities: The bar is fully stocked with beer, wine, and spirits. Almost all drinks are free but ask the bartender about the day’s options as the choices may have changed. You can also find a variety of hot and cold items, as well as another pancake printer in Alaska.

The hours: Closed until further notice.

How do i get in

There are four ways to get into the Alaska Lounges at Sea-Tac:

Buy membership

You can buy a membership for $ 300 to $ 450 a year. With a membership you have access to all Alaska lounges as well as 95 partner lounges. You can bring up to two guests or immediate family members with a boarding pass for each airline.

Buy a day pass

Don’t you plan to travel so much? You can purchase a day pass at any Alaska Lounge for $ 50. If you have Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® credit cardget 50% discount. The day pass is valid for any Alaska Lounge within 24 hours. So if you have a connection to any of the other lounge locations in Alaska, your pass will allow you to enter there too.

Fly in first class

Your Premium Ticket has another benefit: you get free access to a first-class Alaska Airlines lounge in the Sea-Tac. Note that the First Class Lounge and the other Alaska Airlines Lounges are identical.

This benefit is only available when traveling on an Alaska Airlines flight on a paid first class ticket or first class award ticket. Unfortunately, if you’ve upgraded to Alaska’s First Class, this upgrade doesn’t include free lounge access.

Join the Priority Pass Lounge network

If you’re a member of the Priority Pass Lounge network, either because you have a credit card like that Chase Sapphire Reserve® If you’ve got a free membership or purchased a Priority Pass membership, you’ll have access to one of the Alaska Lounges at Sea-Tac: the Alaska Airlines Lounge N Concourse / North Satellite.

The final result

The Alaska Lounges at Sea-Tac all provide a nice place to rest and relax, enjoy an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, and grab a pancake before your flight. You can get on if you’ve bought a first class ticket with cash or miles, paid for an Alaska Lounge membership, or bought a day pass. Priority Pass members can access the North Satellite Lounge, but not the other two.

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