The benefits of responsible investing


    According to Vo-Dignard, the National Bank’s financial advisors discuss their ESG investment policy with clients so that they know what they are investing in. For example, if “someone” [is] give because his father died of heart failure and then [they learn] that you are investing in tobacco. It might not be, you know, it’s not our money … you don’t want them to find out that you are investing in the media company that had a pornography division … [Some] Customers don’t think about [these issues]. But once you open the discussion and give them a few examples, [you will know that] Everyone [has] different values, [and] then you will find areas in which they do not want to invest. I think it’s our responsibility to have this discussion with the customer … [They like that] We have to avoid some filters [investing in] badly run companies, ”he explains.

    When it comes to responsible investing, Vo-Dignard expects ESG to become a big trend and National Bank Financial has “the ability to do well and do good at the same time … [Our] The main job is to help clients retire or transfer wealth to the next generation for more established people. Vo-Dignard points out that a large amount of institutional and private money is already flowing into ESG.

    “[It’s] really a good opportunity for customers to invest in these good companies that are well run, with good governance [in environmental and social aspects]… We cannot invest blindly or look at the consequences of our investments, ”he says.

    Watch the full interview here.


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