THE BEST 10 Ways to Get FREE Food (UK Ideas)


    Eating is an expensive habit, but it’s one we cannot avoid. So instead of spending your hard earned cash at the grocery store, try getting some free groceries and cutting your grocery bill.

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    Free food

    You might think that getting free food could be a little seedy (or even illegal!), But it just isn’t the case.

    There are many ways to eat for free and get free groceries.

    Not all of these are the healthiest, but if you’re looking for something to fill your tummy, cut your costs, or just want to try something for free then these ideas are for you.

    How to Get Free Food (UK)

    In no particular order, why not try …

    Free food apps


    Grab your phone and start downloading apps because you can get more free food.

    Check out Olio first. This app gives you the opportunity to take away free groceries from people / companies who don’t want it. Similar to the Real Junk Food Project, Olio helps prevent food waste.

    The food is likely at the end of its shelf life or shelf life (do you know the difference?), But it’s perfectly fine to eat.

    On the other hand, if you have food left over (maybe from an allotment you can’t get through) then share it.

    Another app that you need to use is CheckoutSmart.

    Not all foods will be free in the app, but there will be plenty of things offered, including gluten-free foods, drinks, puddings, toiletries, and more.

    The idea is that you have to buy the item, upload a picture of your receipt, and then give you the money back.

    Here is a complete guide on how to use the app.

    Become a mystery shopper / diner

    Become a mystery shopper / diner

    Have you ever thought of becoming a mystery shopper?

    It’s people who go to stores, hotels, and restaurants to test the service. Then, after eating / shopping, they write a report and get paid.

    As a mystery diner, you can have something to eat, but don’t expect a full three-course meal. Instead, you probably just get your power grid for free – but it’s still free!

    Check out some mystery shopping companies that may be looking for new people to join.

    Go to a trash supermarket

    Go to a trash supermarket

    To prevent food from being thrown in the bin, the Real Junk Food Project was launched.

    It is not aimed at homeless, poor, skinny people, but anyone can use their services.

    They have set up cafes and trash supermarkets to pass on food that would otherwise end up on the landfill.

    The idea is that you pay what you can – they have nonprofit status and they have to pay their overheads. However, if you are really thin, then if you can’t pay you won’t feel bad.

    They are not in all areas yet, but they are popping up everywhere.

    Fast food apps


    It might not be the healthiest option for continuous eating, but it is a free option.

    Both new and existing customers can get food for free via fast food apps.

    KFC gives you a free page just for signing up and you can get free fries every Friday, and GBK gives you a free page when you refer a friend (they get him too).

    There are also apps for Subway, Burger King and Greggs. Unfortunately, they don’t offer free food all the time, but it’s worth keeping an eye on them every now and then when free food shows up.

    If you can “waffle” any game stickers during McDonald’s Monopoly, you will likely get a free burger, fries, ice cream, or apple pie.

    Find a job

    Find a job

    Perhaps you are already working, but have you already thought about a job in gastronomy?

    If you work in a restaurant or kitchen, one benefit of the job may be getting free breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    I know you can get free food at McDonald’s if you work there (and they play well too).

    Go in search of food

    Go in search of food

    It’s not just during harvest time; You can forage for food as food grows in the wild all year round.

    If you choose to forage for food, you must do so responsibly (and for your own personal use).

    Make sure you know what you are picking as you don’t want to get bad for yourself and are not looking on private land.

    Receive cashback

    Don't just sign up for a cashback account! Make sure you take advantage of the Quidco new member sign-up bonus and earn additional cashback!

    You can grab an entire meal when you use cashback.

    New Quidco members can get a takeaway meal for free after Hungryhouse cashback or, if you love pizza, buy a Dominos.

    Check out all the offers for new Quidco members.

    Have birthday

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!

    Oh, your birthday isn’t until next month? Well … does the restaurant need to know?

    There are many restaurants that offer freebies (and discounts) on your birthday.

    Sign up for their newsletter, but spread your birthday out over the whole year. That way you won’t get all of the free sparkling wine or food offers at the same time.

    Visit mom?

    visit family

    Not just mom, but dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents, second cousins ​​or buddies.

    Do you know someone who cooks too much and always has leftovers?

    While it’s a cheeky option, you might be able to get a free plate of leftovers to bridge you.

    It is good to talk


    Companies think loyalty is worth it, which is why there are so many loyalty cards!

    Whether or not you stay loyal to a company, once you have a cellular plan, you will have to pay your bill for the next 12 to 24 months.

    Not only is it a monthly payment, but o2 and Three customers can get some decent deals with their apps.

    o2 Priority offers tons of freebies, discounts and competitions. I’ve had coffee, chocolate, and sandwiches in the past.

    The Wuntu app from Three also offers food freebies similar to o2. However, Wuntu was closed in December 2019. Three could bring something new to market.

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