The best theme park deals: cheap tickets and 2 for 1 deals


    The price is so daunting the first time I go to a fun theme park day out with friends or family.

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    There’s no need to pay full price when checking out theme park deals before you leave.

    Some of these offerings mean you don’t have to plan months in advance, which is great when the weather is bad or you’re looking for fun on the fly.

    We checked out some of the best current theme park deals, deals, and promotions so you never have to pay full price.

    Offers for theme parks

    amusement park

    Advance booking is essential by July 2021 (fingers crossed) due to government policy on capacity control.

    Free entrance ticket for adults or children to the attractions of Merlin with Cadburys

    Enjoy a delicious Cadburys chocolate (currently available for £ 1 at Tesco or Sainsbury’s) and receive a free ticket to some of the UK’s greatest attractions.

    Cadbury has teamed up with Merlin Entertainments to run a ticket promotion through the summer.

    It is an on-pack promotion, meaning you need to purchase selected products from the Cadbury range of chocolates and biscuits. Some seasonal items will also be included in the promotion.

    The candy bar wrap is your 2-for-1 instant voucher to book a ticket online and you can realize potential savings of £ 53. You must buy at least one adult ticket at a time.

    To get the deal, visit the Cadbury website, click on the attraction you want to visit and start booking. You will be emailed an e-ticket to gain access.

    Hold onto the candy bar wrapper as you may need to see it at the gate.

    The vouchers will expire on 09/30/2021, so that you have plenty of time to redeem them over the summer holidays if you don’t want to go straight away.

    In previous years, the free ticket promotion ran for 4 months, but with stays at an all-time high in 2021, the offer will run for 6 months.

    Cadbury’s Chocolate to view the free ticket includes:

    • Milk buttons pack of 5
    • Milk buttons pack of 6
    • Chomp bars, pack of 5
    • Curly Wurly 5-pack
    • Curly Wurly 6-pack
    • Milk buttons pack of 5
    • Milk milk Freddo 6 pack
    • Milk milk Freddo caramel 5-pack
    • Milk milk Freddo caramel 6-pack
    • Fudge bars pack of 5
    • Fudge bars 6 pack
    • Milk bar

    You can use the ticket for day trips to the following theme parks and attractions:

    • Alton Towers Resort
    • Chessington World of Adventures Resort theme park and zoo
    • Thorpe Park Resort
    • The LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort
    • Warwick Castle
    • The Bear Grylls Adventure
    • Shrek’s Adventure! London
    • Madame Tussauds (London or Blackpool)
    • The dungeons (London, York, Edinburgh or Blackpool Tower)
    • The Blackpool Tower Eye, the Blackpool Tower Circus on Blackpool Pleasure Beach
    • The London Eye
    • LEGOLAND® Discovery Center (Manchester or Birmingham)
    • SEA LIFE Aquariums and Centers (Birmingham, Great Yarmouth, Loch Lomond, Blackpool, Gweek, London, Brighton, Manchester, Scarborough, Bray, Hunstanton and Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park)

    Kellogg’s Grownupsgofree 2 for 1 Thorpe Park cereal boxes 2021 and more

    Family fun

    Take a cheap day trip with Grownupsgofree to one of the family’s favorite theme park resorts such as Alton Towers, Legoland, Warrick Castle, the London Eye or the SEA LIFE aquariums in the UK, as well as to attractions in Ireland such as EPIC, Brigits Garden and the National Wax Museum.

    While you might have to spend a little more than £ 1 on a bar of chocolate, you can save more overall with the Kellogg’s Grown Ups Go Free offer.

    With their theme park offer, you get a free adult ticket when you buy an adult or child ticket, so you pay less (if you are traveling with a child).

    Look for the unique 10-digit code printed on the promotional packs of Kellogg’s Cerealien, then enter the date you would like to visit the attraction on

    No need to keep the cereal box when booking online.

    The following Kellogg products carry this offering:

    • cornflakes
    • Crispy nut
    • Rice Krispies (cereal and snack bar)
    • Frosties (cereal and snack bar)
    • Coco Pops (cereal and snack bar)
    • Krave
    • Squares
    • Fruit moth
    • Coco-Pops chocolate cheeks
    • Nutri-Grain Elves
    • Nutri-Korn fruit bars

    (Snack packs cannot be redeemed at The Bear Grylls Adventure).

    Kellogg’s says you can cut out the voucher and show it at the attraction you want on the day you want to visit, but it’s not even guaranteed to get in due to capacity restrictions. As such, it’s probably best to just pre-book online right now.

    The packs voucher is valid until June 20th, 2022.

    241 tickets on National Rail

    amusement park

    Traveling by train? The National Rail Days Out Guide gives you 241 one-day admission to 20 different locations.

    In normal times you have to show your train ticket at the gate and the discount will be deducted.

    However, you must book in advance until the restrictions are lifted.

    Half price entry with Carex

    amusement park

    There was a small influx of soap buyers in 2020! Maybe Carex wasn’t your usual brand so you bought it since it was the only one, or maybe you buy it all the time anyway.

    Now is the time to dig up your old soap bottles as the offer, which ran at half the theme park price in 2020, is still pending.

    You have extended the offer and vouchers are valid until May 31, 2022.

    You can use the half price voucher to enter Alton Towers Theme Park, Chessington World of Adventures Resort or SEA LIFE Centers & Sanctuaries in the UK.

    You need to book in advance via the Carex website, purchase an e-ticket and present the promotional voucher / package at the gate.

    Tips for getting the best deal on theme parks

    Family is having fun

    To ensure that you have an overall great day, not just a cheap day trip, here are some tips to consider before you and the family head out.

    Check the dates

    Not all dates are bookable, so check the website before getting your hopes up.

    For example, entry to most theme parks is not possible on days like Fireworks Night, Halloween or Christmas.

    Also, some tickets cannot be used on certain excluded dates during the summer vacation.

    Check age / size restrictions

    For safety reasons, a number of roller coaster rides and resorts have height and age restrictions.

    So before getting your hopes up, check first. It’s best to get out a tape measure and check your children’s height.

    Free parking

    Most theme park resorts offer free on-site parking, with a short walk to the resort gates and rides.

    On-site parking may not be available when visiting central London or other attractions. So plan whether you will find free parking nearby or have to factor in additional costs.

    Short breaks

    You can also take advantage of the offers for amusement park tickets during a short vacation.

    You must book an overnight stay or a hotel stay at the resort separately.

    Record the promotional package

    Though it may be tempting to throw rubbish in the trash can, keep the promo pack with the coupon code.

    For some booking options, the terms and conditions of the offer state that you must show the package together with your pass when entering the park.

    Eat cheap

    A packed lunch is the cheapest option to save money. Theme parks will have on-site fast food facilities as well as restaurants.

    If you are planning an overnight stay and want to take advantage of the free offers for children in local restaurants.

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