The first steps to starting your own business in Cyprus


In view of the current economic conditions in several European countries (tax instability, high taxes, bureaucracy, difficult access to capital, etc.), more and more new companies are looking for solutions to survive in this challenging economic environment. . The country of Cyprus, which has managed to overcome the economic reefs of the past few years, is one of the European countries that, with its low taxes and numerous investment opportunities, creates a feeling of stability and confidence.

Establishing a company with international activities in Cyprus offers several advantages, such as maintaining partner anonymity and confidentiality of information, free movement of capital and zero tax on the transfer of shares. If all of these were enough to convince you to start your own business in Cyprus, it would be good to consider some important first steps in starting and starting your business in this country.

Draw up a detailed business plan

Describe the data about the business environment, but also the elements that set your company apart from the competition. Make a note of yourself and your company’s strengths and weaknesses, mainly thinking about how this can improve your weaknesses. Therefore, if you decide to enter the business environment, you need to be prepared for any challenge. It would be best if you were ready to completely change your business plan to deal with any implementation difficulties.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Track all the possible and unlikely expenses that you will have to make that are absolutely necessary for your business to be able to generate its first revenue. This standard but useful process is known as the capital cost. Since many things are certainly necessary, you probably won’t be recording them. When you get to the final total, add 30% more money to spend by the time your business is up and running. Then create potential revenue scenarios and of course corresponding cost scenarios. This saves your company valuable time and money.

You are ready to face missteps or obstacles that you did not expect in this case. Of course, the sign of the deduction (potential income – expenses = profits) should be positive in these calculations. If this amount is in line with the goal you set yourself when you launched your new business, you should probably proceed without fear but with a lot of passion. However, if you are struggling to come up with a business plan, you may need to turn to qualified business consultants.

Get legal advice

An equally important step to take in starting your business in Cyprus is getting legal advice from a specialist lawyer who specializes in business cases, specifically creating a domestic business. This legal advisor will guide you through the business start-up planning process and ensure that all of your business activities are transparent and do not violate any law or regulation. Business formation lawyers in Cyprus are reliable legal advisors who will provide you with the legal support you need in your new business venture.

The occupation of your company

The world’s leaders started out from a tiny enterprise, and most of them with no special resources. You started with a business idea, a lot of passion and a great vision. Without exception, all of them declare that when they are finally grown and successful, they would not have achieved anything in their business without the help of people. Without the valuable help of their partners. The greatest capital that every company creates, especially in its first steps, is the human resources department.

And to be truly dynamic, you have to adapt, embrace your vision and be valued. Note that no operations were successful at the expense of the staff. They used it as much as possible and in return took the minimum that every employee was obliged to. Please choose the right ones, keep your word and agreements, and invest in their education and development. The benefits of taking your business first are enormous.

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