The former CEO of Vanguard Canada is heading to a new company


    After Tiwari left Vanguard, he worked on a job aimed at providing investors with certain asset classes that they would not normally have access to. For example, the inclusion of private equity or real estate in this vehicle posed problems in terms of liquidity and costs. As he walked this route, he wondered why Canada didn’t have a wine investment fund.

    He put together a business plan and researched the best organizations of its kind in the world – and Cult Wines prevailed. It was clear to CFAs, analysts, and data scientists that they meant business. Tiwari reached out to CEO and co-founder Tom Gearing, and the foundation stone for the joint venture was laid.

    Tiwari said, “It’s an untapped market. It’s an asset class that many people either find unacceptable or that is intimidated by the whole world of good wine. We believe that with our offering, which is very transparent, safe, fluid and relatively easy to understand, we can establish good wine as an asset class in North America. “

    Cult Wines Canada’s flagship has a fully managed portfolio of fine wines with a dedicated portfolio manager and a minimum investment of $ 45,000. After consultation with your PM, your risk assessment will be carried out and a portfolio proposal will be created. It is up to the investor whether Cult Wines can decide freely about the account or whether it is advisory.

    A second product is in the works that can bring investors between $ 15,000 and $ 45,000 and that looks more like a robo. Cult Wines will rebalance it, but you won’t get the dedicated advice of a portfolio manager.


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