The government unveils a £ 65 million package to help private tenants during Covid-19


    The funds, announced this morning (October 23) by the Department of Housing, Housing and Communities, will be given directly to local councils to help those in need. The government says it intends to support low-income households, but there is no income limit on aid. Each council decides who receives the funding.

    The government has not been able to give an exact date when the funding will be available, but it said it is working with councils to get the money in place as soon as possible. Find rental rights, energy tips, rental fees and more in our guide to over 50 tips for tenants.

    If you are having trouble, contact your community

    While it is ultimately up to each advice to decide who receives funding, people are encouraged to contact their local authority if they need assistance.

    Each council must decide for themselves how the money is paid out. However, it is likely that a payment will go direct to the existing landlord or to a new landlord if the money is used for the move.

    Even if the eviction ban has expired, you still have rights

    Even though the eviction ban, which was in place during much of the pandemic, has expired, extended notice periods still apply if you’re having trouble paying the rent and your landlord tries to terminate you:

    • In England, landlords usually have to give you four months ‘notice (unless you owe more than four months’ rent, in which case the notice period is only four weeks).
    • In Wales and Scotland, landlords typically need to give six months notice.
    • In Northern Ireland they will usually need to give you 12 weeks notice.

    For more help, see our Tips for Renters guide.

    Check that you are receiving all of the financial aid that you are entitled to

    In addition to the support announced today, the government has increased the housing benefit portion of the universal loan so that the local housing benefit covers at least 30% of the lowest rents in your area. For more information, see our Guide to Coronavirus Universal Credit & Benefits. There are also other programs that help tenants in Wales and Scotland. For more information, see our Tips for Renters guide.

    What is the government saying?

    Poor Sleeping and Housing Secretary Eddie Hughes MP said: “We have taken steps throughout the pandemic to support the most vulnerable families and it is vital that we continue to provide support as the winter months begin.

    This new funding will support families in difficulty and help them get back on their feet as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. “


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