The Guide to Guaranteed Benefits for Marriott Bonvoy Elite Members


Elite members in the Marriott Bonvoy The loyalty program offers VIP benefits when staying at 30 Marriott family hotels. But did you know that Marriott will give you on-site compensation if you are unable to take advantage of your elite perks?

Here is everything you need to know to take full advantage of the Marriott Bonvoy Elite Guarantee.

How it works

The hotels Guaranteed benefits for elite members means Bonvoy Elite you shouldn’t arrive at your hotel to find out that your room has been given away. And if you do, you will be entitled to various forms of compensation – possibly points, meals, or even cash – depending on your location.

The benefits of the Elite Member Benefit Guarantee depend on your Elite status and the brand of hotel in which you are staying. All levels are entitled to reservation guarantees. Platinum, Titan and Ambassador Elite members are also entitled to a guaranteed welcome gift, room type and lounge access, if the hotel has one.

Eligibility to participate

Types of guarantees of benefits for elite members


When you arrive at a qualifying hotel, Marriott guarantees your reservation will be waiting for you. If for some reason the hotel is oversold or the hotel is unable to meet a reservation, Elite members don’t need to worry: the hotel will pay for a comparable hotel nearby.

You can also get compensation for your problems in the form of cash – usually $ 100 or $ 200 – or Marriott Bonvoy points. Often times, you can choose what type of compensation you would like, although your options may vary by brand and elite level, as shown in the table below Marriott website.

If this situation happens to you and compensation is not proactively offered, be sure to ask.

Welcome gifts

Platinum, Titan and Ambassador Elite members receive a welcome gift upon check-in to a Marriott family hotel.

Gifts vary. Depending on the accommodation, you will receive Bonvoy points, breakfast or food and drinks.

If the hotel staff did not proactively offer you your welcome gift after check-in, ask for compensation. In most cases, you’ll be entitled to cash between $ 25 and $ 100 depending on the hotel. If your hotel is outside of the United States, expect the equivalent in local currency.

Nerdy tip: The possibility of being compensated for lack of services only applies if you discuss the matter with hotel staff before checking out. So come and know what you’re entitled to.

Luxury brands usually offer higher compensation than cheaper-priced brands. For example, compensation for a skipped greeting in a St. Regis is $ 100, while in a Courtyard it is $ 50.

Unfortunately, the Elite Welcome Gift at the Ritz-Carlton, EDITION, Marriott Vacation Club and Design Hotels hotels is not part of the guarantee. That said, there is no guarantee that you will be compensated if your elite welcome gift is not offered. However, you can contact Marriott Bonvoy to apply for compensation.

For elite members, the welcome convenience adds a nice boost to your stay, whether it’s points or a food and drink amenity. And if it is not delivered, thanks to Wallott, your reimbursement can give your wallet a nice boost.

Room types

When you make a reservation, you can choose the type of room you want (king bed, two queen beds, accessible room, etc.). If you are a Platinum, Titan, or Ambassador Elite Member and the hotel does not consider the type of room you reserved, Marriott Bonvoy will reimburse you with $ 25 to $ 100 cash, depending on the property.

At international hotels, expect the local currency equivalent.

However, there are some restrictions: The bed guarantee only applies to hotels in the US and Canada. Internationally, the non-smoking rooms are based on availability (ie they are outside the guarantee). Additionally, the bed type is only guaranteed for Titanium and Ambassador Elite members in international locations, although the bed type and size may vary by region.

If you upgrade, the room type may change. However, you can request to forego the upgrade in order to get your guaranteed room type.

Access to the lounge

In hotels that offer an executive lounge, Marriott’s best platinum and titanium elite members usually have access. If the lounge is closed or the hotel does not have a lounge, the Elite Member (plus a companion) will be offered breakfast in the restaurant or points instead.

If this is not proactively offered at JW Marriott, Marriott Hotels, Autograph Collection Hotels, and some other brands, you will be compensated in cash.

There is no compensation if breakfast is not served while staying at a Sheraton, Westin, or other exempt Bonvoy brand. This compensation only applies to the guest room in which the Elite Member is staying.

Last minute bookings

Titanium and Ambassador Elite members have another benefit with Marriott that guarantees a room is available for a paid stay reserved more than 48 hours prior to arrival. The guarantee applies to most brands with few exclusions, such as the Marriott Vacation Club, design hotels and resort properties.

This guarantee is useful for elites traveling on relatively short notice and looking to stay at a Marriott hotel. Marriott makes room for you.

The final result

Knowing your elite status benefits means you can take advantage of all of the benefits by staying at a Marriott family hotel. Silver and Gold Elite members can rest assured that their reservation is guaranteed. Platinum, Titanium and Ambassador Elite members enjoy additional guaranteed reservations as well as benefits such as room type guarantees and a welcome amenity.

You can be compensated if you do not receive certain perks that are due to you. But be prepared: if your amenity is not offered to you, you will need to apply for compensation prior to checking out of the hotel so that you do not forego access to the benefit.

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