“The market did not need any further trial and error application”


    This is one of the critical problems that IG Wealth Management and Conquest Planning faced in formalizing their strategic partnership over the past year. After months of iterative collaboration, during which IG consultants gave feedback and Conquest optimized their app based on this feedback, they came up with a solution that resulted in a better experience for the consultant and better results for the customer.

    “When a consultant goes through and searches for solutions based on customer preferences that they enter with the customer, the software actually suggests various strategies that the consultant might not otherwise think of,” said Jack. “This aspect is a big leap forward for us.”

    Not just another calculator

    “The market didn’t need any more trial and error,” Ken Lotocki, chief product officer at Conquest Planning, told Wealth Professional. “What we needed and wanted was to develop this digital financial planning assistant to help consultants formulate plans for their clients.”

    The Strategic Advice Manager (SAM) from IG Wealth Management is at the center of the financial planning support functions of the new platform offered by Conquest. In an exclusive demonstration of the platform for Wealth Professional, Lotocki said that SAM’s computing engine draws on four key parameters: who the customer is, what they have in terms of wealth, their financial goals and their planning preferences, which are an extension of KYC. represent.

    “Advisor users can use three scheduling modes,” said Lotocki. “There is step-by-step planning, which is about a literacy approach; Automatic scheduling that gives SAM the first attempt to solve the plan and still gives the consultant ultimate control; and expert planning that puts the consultant firmly in the driver’s seat. “


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