The most unusual but valuable collections


    Unusual but valuable collections

    Do you have a collection? Lots of people do. The most common collections include coins, postage stamps, dolls, soft toys, comics, and trading cards. While popular items can have sentimental value to the owner, they often have little financial value. In order to make money, you need to have unusual but valuable collections.

    This is how you determine how much your collection is worth

    One of the easiest ways to determine how much items are worth in your collection is to consult eBay. Look for items that are the same or similar to yours and look for both the quantity and the quantity they sold.

    If you want a professional evaluation of your item, you can send a picture to a professional collector or store near you and see how much they are willing to pay for it. You can also visit a reputable antique dealer for a quote.

    Obtaining a quote can help you sell the item as well as insure it.

    The most unusual but valuable collections

    If you want to collect these items, you might have items worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.


    Most people wouldn’t think of collecting watches, but they are among the unusual but valuable collections. Look for watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, Universal Geneve or Enicar.

    If you inherit a watch collection from your uncle, don’t donate it to the nearest thrift store straight away. Instead, use a site like Chrono24 or Watchrecon to find out the value of the watches.

    Medals and Badges

    Call to all those interested in history! Collecting medals and badges can be fun and financially rewarding. Old military medals can be worth a lot of money, especially if the medals are from the Civil War. While Confederate medals are harder to find, Union medals are worth more.

    Don’t forget old police and firefighter badges, as well as toy badges.

    This is an area where reproductions are common. You should therefore check with an expert to see if you have an original.


    Unusual but valuable collections

    Who doesn’t love Lego? They aren’t worth that much if you play around with them unless you keep each piece and box and instructions in like new condition. Unopened boxes of Legos are even more valuable.

    The most valuable Lego sets include all Star Wars sets, especially the big ones like the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. But don’t forget the minifigures. These can be worth some serious batter too. Mr. Gold, a minifigure that sold in blind sacks for $ 2.99 in 2013, is valuable today in part because only 5,000 of them were made.

    Final thoughts

    If you are looking to start a collection, there are a few of these unusual but valuable collections to consider. And if you inherit a collection from your great-uncle or aunt, don’t donate what you get right away. Take the time to determine if the collection is valuable. You can be pleasantly surprised.

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