The new private parking ticket is to be introduced next year


There are currently two parking trade associations – the British Parking Association and the International Parking Community – which have their own code of conduct. The place to go depends on the association with which the operator issuing the fine is signed.

However, the government wants a single independent appeal service for motorists to turn to if they are fined for private parking. We have asked the government if there are more details on who will chair this body and we will update this story as soon as we hear about it.

In addition, under the new plans, motorists would receive a 50% early payment discount, and the amount of the parking fee should be more proportionate to the nature and severity of the violation. Other suggestions include a five-minute cooling-off period during which drivers can check the terms and conditions before deciding whether to park.

The government says more details will be available when a final code is released in due course. There is no date for this announcement, but the new private parking appeal service is scheduled to go live in mid-2022. This is followed by an intergovernmental consultation on a number of amendments to private parking regulations that took place last year.

Our guide to Fight Unfair Private Parking Tickets provides detailed information on how to take action against tickets from private companies. If you’re affected by a community ticket, see our separate guide to parking ticket complaints.

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