The power of mentoring, expertise and blogging in 2021


Regardless of your passion, expertise, or goals in life … when you start sharing these feelings and emotions with others, they resonate too.

This can be for pretty much anything in life. Most of the time, however, it becomes more emotional and personal when it is relevant to a lifestyle, goal, or challenge that we may be personally working on.

With that in mind, the real magic begins once you find what you can and start sharing it with the rest of the world!

Today we’re going to highlight three different entrepreneurs and industry professionals who have used their own expertise and passion for doing business, branding, investing and teaching others.

Let’s start!

Timothy Sykes – Purse and Penny Stocks

If you’ve ever researched the stock market online or invested in penny stocks, you’ve likely come across the name “Timothy Sykes” – and also that he’s known for converting $ 12,000 into more than $ 6.7 million.

While Tim has all invested in penny stocks, his bread and butter is now coming through the brand and business he has built over the past few years because he has taught others how to achieve the same thing.

And like many others, this journey started with a blog and social media, also highlighting his many failures and successes – and of course amazing photographs of the various places he traded daily around the world.

Today, Tim has a network of investment and education sites, live events and conferences, and online courses and subscriptions for all of his students.

Now let’s highlight how Tim uses each of these three methods to grow his brand, reach, and business.

  • Mentorship – online courses and coaching programs
  • Expertise – Everything about penny stocks
  • Blogging – Daily posts on his blog and social channels

Gary Vaynerchuk – Brand Marketing and Agency Services

Of the many different examples of successful people we could cover when it comes to creating content, sharing their expertise, and mentoring others, Gary V would probably be the most famous.

The amazing thing about Gary’s journey is that not only does he keep getting success (be it in Wine, Social Media, Investing, or Branding) but also inspires others throughout the process.

A perfect example of this are his podcasts and video interviews, in which he discusses his passions for flipping products and finding flea market deals. That doesn’t make him a lot of money, but it motivates his audience, makes them work, increases their brand loyalty, and follows them.

Now let’s highlight how Gary uses each of these three methods to grow his brand, reach, and business.

  • Mentoring – Through personal coaching, but mostly through social media content
  • Expertise – All forms of marketing but getting the job done
  • Blogging – Gary Vaynerchuk blog, medium and top social platforms

Ashley Alderson – Boutiques, Ecommerce, and Networking

Not every example of success and fame needs to be known and backed by millions of dollars in wealth. This is exactly the story behind Ashley Alderson, who has become a coach, influencer and success story in the niche market of unique boutique shopping.

While it may seem small at first, the truth is … the more in a niche you are, the better. Then, if you continue to show your expertise and passion while building a brand, you can really start and see what is possible.

What started small is now a large company with employees that influences and motivates thousands of members around the world. The boutique hub founded by Ashley is suitable for all boutique types, clothing, accessories, beauty, decor and for all sales types from e-commerce, stationary, mobile to social

Now let’s highlight how Ashley uses each of these three methods to grow his brand, reach, and business.

  • Mentoring – Through a huge network of users at The Boutique Hub
  • Expertise – Personal, business, and life skills that relate to their audience
  • Blogging – Main Page, Blog, Media Interviews, and Top Social Platforms

How to grow your own brand or business by sharing your expertise with others

As you can see from each of the examples above, if you put the time and effort into sharing your expertise, talents, and passions with others, you can really grow into your own brand and business.

With the internet now making it easier than ever to get started with your own website, brand, or business, what are you waiting for?

Follow the examples above both on their social media channels and on websites or blogs as they will not only inspire you but also show you how to use such platforms and networking methods.


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