The season for swimsuits is coming! Are you ready?


    from Beks

    OK, that’s a joke. I don’t wear swimsuits. Before you step in to say we should “normalize” mothers’ bodies (and I would agree with you), I’ve never worn swimsuits. I’ve never been the guy who’s comfortable exposing so much skin … and I’m insanely jealous of those who are.

    Regardless of that, I keep starting my training game in the summer. The feeling of warm sunshine and the smell of sunscreen has something that makes me want to get active. I kept getting gym memberships, but I’ve found that I can work out more effectively when I’m super comfortable. Lately it’s the FREE stuff that has been working for me like:


    This is by no means an endorsement (and they aren’t paying me anyway!) But I enjoyed the Nike Training Club. I can choose the length of my workout, intensity, and gear (including the no-gear option) and boom. The races are off. I don’t do well with phone app workouts over 15 minutes (I get so bored!), So I usually do 1-3 during the day to break things up.

    When I feel particularly motivated, I do thenx training. The trainers are HEAVY and some of them are slowly teaching you how to do a handstand push-up. Honestly, I enjoy the laugh when I fall and fall and keep falling. I have the perfect “safe space” in my home to practice. It’s in my tiny hallway. If I fall I just bump into the other wall and don’t hurt myself (little house for victory!). One day I’ll be able to do one!

    The Nike Run Club is a great way for me to see my running (or walking) improve. I’m insanely competitive even when it’s against myself. I am obsessed with hitting my own times. This app keeps all of my records in a safe place so I know when and how I beat them.


    When the land warms up, it’s time to go outside! I have three training sessions outside:

    Walk! I put the dog on a leash and take a quick walk around our neighborhood. She loves it. I love it. I’ll get well and get a nice dose of vitamin D. I take my kids occasionally, but they are REALLY walking slowly. If I take them I usually go for another walk later to get my heart rate up or do a phone app workout.

    Hike! Hiking is my other love. I just finished the Mission Trails 5 Peak Challenge. It was an 18 mile hike over 5 mountain peaks in east San Diego. It kicked my butt! But I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to when I can walk again. I have to plan this well in advance as I am usually useless for at least a day or two afterwards.

    To run! I love to run. I swore I’d give it up after starting last year, but here I am … still. I know it’s bad for my joints so I limit my miles. It’s a special treat.

    If you don’t move, TODAY is the day to start. I feel so much better after training. Sure, I’m not always excited before I start, but I’m always glad I did and … it’s FREE !!!


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