The value of financial planning


    the value of financial planning

    Why You Should Have a Financial Advisor

    by Matthew Paulson, Voyageur Capital Advisors

    Beware, this is a biased and selfish contribution. I make a living as a financial advisor, so I’ll tell you right at the start, read this with a healthy dose of skepticism, and actively challenge each of my claims; write to me directly if you want.

    And while today I want to convince you of the benefits of hiring someone to help you with your finances, it is equally important to note that all financial advisors are not the same. There are bad actors and some questionable practices. When I say you should have a financial advisor, I mean a good advisor; the right advisor. This post is designed to help you understand better why a counselor can help. Future posts will focus on choosing the right advisor.

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    [PODCAST] The worth of a coach

    by Eric Roberge, Beyond Your Hammock

    Can you build yourself or will you work your way through whatever you want to accomplish in your life? Secure. Is this the most effective way to optimize your results? Questionable.

    Today we’re talking about the value of a coach in areas of your life that really matter – the areas that are important to you, the areas that make a big difference, and the areas where you want to go beyond being “good enough.” . and really optimize.

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    Night Guy Meets Morning Guy: The Power of Visualization in Financial Planning

    by Massi De Santis, DESMO investment advisor

    Target visualization is a powerful tool. Formula 1 drivers visualize every curve on a track before a training session or a race. They even visualize wheel-to-wheel races with their fiercest opponents. Most top athletes use visualization. From skiers to runners. Marathoner Meb Keflezheigi visualized his races under difficult conditions to the most of it out of itself. The same concept applies to life. Arnold Schwarzenegger says the first rule of success is: have a vision for where you are going.

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    [Video] How a Financial Advisor Helps You Make Progress

    by Michelle Smallenberger, Financial Design Studio

    Can you imagine anyone who has helped you make progress in the past? The past would be times like dropping out of school, graduating from college, getting your first job after college, or maybe even career advancement? Personally, I have two friends with the same name, Rachel, and another friend named Jana. There are other people I can remember who helped me improve my health or supported me when I moved to a new place. But the point is, there are people I can look back on and remember who was instrumental in my life. And that is exactly what we hope as financial planners.

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    How Financial Planning Helps You Enjoy Life Now

    by Michael Reynolds, Elevation Financial

    “Financial Planning.”

    Could there be a more boring sentence?

    What do you think of when you plan your finances? Does it conjure up images of sitting in a big fancy office with guys in suits (nothing against guys in suits … I’m one of them sometimes) wanting to talk to you about retirement goals and asset allocation?

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    Following financial advisor blogs is a great way to access valuable, educational information about finance – and it won’t cost you anything! Our financial planners are happy to share their knowledge and help everyone, regardless of age or wealth.


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