The Weekly Wrap: Changes in Employment


    There are more changes in employment as layoffs increase, unemployment benefits end, and more people have two jobs

    The workers of the world are united in their disdain for the traditional work model and are ordering changes in employment.

    The big resignation

    The great resignation is a flood that floods employment as usual and reshapes work as we know it.

    This trend, also known as “The Great Awakening”, has led to record withdrawals. In April, four million Americans quit their jobs, they said US Department of Labor. The same survey found that 3.9 million workers quit in June.

    Burn out

    While conservative politicians rail against federal aid as the cause of this phenomenon, research does not confirm this. (See the story below).

    The main reason given for the great resignation was stress from working in a pandemic.

    “We basically burned out the global workforce last year. One of the ways to deal with burnout is to change employers. ” Melissa Swift of Korn Ferry Advice said Axios.

    Some companies, like Linkedin, Hootsuite and Bumble, are ready to give their employees time off to recover from Covid burnout.

    Sometimes it’s just the job

    The pandemic has certainly contributed to worker burnout. However, research shows a lower level of job dissatisfaction.

    A Microsoft report shows that 41 percent of workers worldwide are considering quitting. Generation Z (18 to 25 years of age) employees are pioneers. Over half (54 percent) in this age group are considering quitting their jobs.

    Research from Adobe brought similar findings. The Adobe study shows that 59 percent of Generation Z employees are dissatisfied with their job.

    Changes in employment triggered by boredom

    Nearly two-thirds of Generation Z employees told Adobe they felt pressured to work regular hours. While about a quarter of them say they are most productive outside of a 9-to-5 framework.

    Another frustration is repetitive day-to-day work. Many employees complained in the Adobe report that invoices, file management, forms, and other paperwork made them less effective.

    “Workers spend a third of the work week doing routine, repetitive tasks, with 86 percent of corporate workers and 83 percent of SMB (small business) executives saying these tasks do their jobs effectively.“Says the report.

    Adobe’s report also found that half of the workers surveyed said they were moving to one that offered more efficient technological tools.

    More control

    Another reason workers want to see changes in employment is to gain personal freedom.

    61 percent of employees told Adobe they would switch jobs to have more control over their schedules.

    A Regulatory survey found that 42 percent of workers would refuse to work for an employer that did not offer remote working options.

    Unemployment assistance has not destroyed the labor market

    Enjoy your weekend. Monday, (Labor Day) 7.5 million Americans will lose unemployment benefits, according to The Century Foundation, and another three million will lose incomes for those who provide dependent care.

    Some politicians and experts believe that this will lead to a decrease in unemployment. However, recent history does not support this idea. In fact, it points to a decline in consumer spending.

    No use for cutting aid

    Governors in 26 states announced that they would cut federal benefits in June.

    Their rationale was that benefits discouraged unemployed workers from looking for work. However, only eight of these states saw employment improvements, according to the US Department of Labor. In addition, nine states and the District of Columbia saw unemployment decline, although they did not cut aid.

    “Politics, not business, drove the attack on unemployment insurance,” claims Andrew Stettner of the Century Foundation. 25 of the 26 governors who cut federal unemployment benefits are Republicans.

    Cutting benefits lowers consumer spending

    The early cuts in benefits had little to no impact on unemployment. However, it had unintended consequences. Together research by economists at Harvard University, Columbia University, the University of Toronto and Amherst notes that the local economy has suffered from the cuts.

    Household spending in the 26 states that have opted out of benefits fell by nearly $ 2 billion from June to August, according to the report.

    Meanwhile, the White House is urging states with high unemployment to extend unemployment benefits beyond Labor Day. The administration says these states could pay the cost of over $ 350 billion for the American rescue plan.

    Working life M`enage “a trois”

    One of the increasing changes in employment is the number of people doing two remote jobs at the same time and not telling either employer about it.

    Go to the website

    A website has been created called Doppeljobbers. helps The site was started by a disgruntled employee using the name Isaac.

    Isaac’s company started shedding jobs during the pandemic, and he feared his head was on the chopping block.

    To hedge his bets, Isaac looked for a new job. When he got it, Isaac had an awakening. He realized that he could do both jobs at the same time.

    A new community

    Isaac discovered that there were other people facing the same challenges as him. That’s when he founded the website and started building a community. offers tips for working on two jobs at the same time. The site covers topics such as the legality of working in two jobs, tax issues, managing conflicting meetings, and juggling two 401Ks. It also has one Forum where users can communicate directly.

    Over nine thousand users are part of Overemployment’s Discord community, and another five thousand subscribe to the newsletter. Those numbers are the tip of the iceberg, however.

    “We had about 190,000 users visiting our website in August,” Isaac said in an email to SA. Most of them were in the US. However, some came from Canada and the UK

    Job satisfaction

    The website is designed to help people financially protect themselves from changes in employment such as layoffs, wage cuts and the loss of benefits. However, Isaac admits that there is another reason as well.

    “But most of all,” writes Isaac, “I wanted to organize a community to put the middle finger on the man, also known as Corporate America, who is always trying to kid the little people.”

    So that it goes on

    Distracting the boss can make you feel at peace, but is that sustainable?

    Oh, super sustainable, ”says Isaac. “The pandemic caused us to part with our crazy lives – taking kids to school, commuting to work, BS meetings, picking up kids, and commuting home. The dropping off and picking up the kids is back – and it was for the best because both my spouse and I can quit the job and do it together. Quality of life is high, hours are still 40 hours or less. We don’t work past 5 p.m. Dinner and the rest of the night are family time. No night meetings. Just say no to BS work socialization. Get things done, step out of my ‘work’ and step into my life. “

    The new work week

    For Isaac and other double jobbers, the 40-hour week is an outdated concept.

    Why we do it by imagining a 40-hour week for ourselves still excels me, ”writes Isaac. “I am more productive than ever and prefer to work 20-25 hours a week in bursts of great productivity and creativity than 40 hours sitting down and ‘taking part’ at work. It is a laisse-faire-free market, now the workforce is implementing this concept in a digital, knowledge-based way. “

    No extras

    One of the keys to successful double jobing is setting work expectations.

    “Do your job (s). Nothing more and nothing less, ”says Isaac. “Set your own priorities first, otherwise your manager or your work will prioritize your life for you.”

    Isaac claims that climbing the corporate ladder is the road to fool’s gold.

    “I don’t volunteer to top everything potential Promotion, ”says Isaac. “I will do it twice instead – it’s a ‘promotion’ that I can guarantee myself and my family.”

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