These are the best side hustles in California


    The best side hustles in California

    California is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. However, the state also offers so many unique ways of generating income. Living in a city like Los Angeles or San Francisco in particular gives you the opportunity to earn money alongside your regular job. If that’s what you’re interested in, here are some of the best side activities in California.

    What is the difference between California Side Hustles?

    Of course, most sideline jobs are jobs that you can do almost anywhere. In fact, many of the most popular part-time jobs are things that people do online. And that’s great. It definitely works well for people in California. But there are also some really unique opportunities for the people of California that you might not find elsewhere. Because California is unique. In particular, the state’s largest urban areas offer side jobs that are not as common in other parts of the United States.

    Los Angeles, for example, is obviously known as the home of Hollywood. As a result, there are part-time jobs in the film industry that you will hardly find in other states. Likewise, San Francisco is the home of technology. And that’s certainly a job that a lot of people can do online, but it also opens up interesting side activities like new technology focus groups. After all, certain laws open up unique employment opportunities here – such as seasonal growing opportunities in the legal marijuana business.

    Hence, some of the best sideline jobs in California are simply not jobs that you will easily find in other states. And of course, you can enjoy these other common sideline activities while in California as well. Babysitting, tutoring, mowing the lawn, starting your own blog, reselling clothes, etc. are all things you can do on the side in California to make money, just like anywhere else.

    The 5 Best Side Hustles in California

    In terms of the more unique opportunities the state of California has to offer, here are the top 5:

    1. Become an extra for the movies

    You know all the people who stand in the background of busy scenes in movies? Someone has to show up to be in these scenes. Why shouldn’t you be? Los Angeles is the obvious place for this sideline. However, sometimes other areas of California offer jobs for additional occupations. Films ranging from Milk to the latest Matrix are shot in San Francisco, which also gives Northern Californians the opportunity to make money in this business.

    With a little luck – and interest – you might even land small speaking roles in films. Try it as an extra. If you find that you enjoy the job, consider applying for additional acting jobs. You don’t have to do this full time or even have an agent to start this type of small acting job. That makes it one of the best sideline businesses in California.

    2. Language work

    In addition to actually appearing in movies, you may want to consider working part-time as a voice actor. Voice actors work on movies, TV shows, commercials, podcasts, radio, audiobooks, and more. Sure, there are some famous voice actors who do this job full time. However, many of these smaller jobs are available to anyone interested.

    This is one of the best sideline things to do in California if you can make it work for you. Increase your chances by taking some courses in voice-over work. Alternatively or additionally, start building your own portfolio by doing language work on your own social media channels. You can explore some of the available voice over jobs in California at StarNow.

    3. Unique animal care companies

    Sure, pet care is a sideline in most states. But it’s especially popular in California. Additionally, if you can offer specialized pet services, California is a good place to find buyers for those services.

    First of all, dog walks and pet sitting are the norm in many California cities. Many dogs live in apartments in San Francisco and other major cities. Hence, they need people to walk them daily. Personally, I send my dog ​​out with a pack that goes for a walk five days a week. It’s not just about potty training, it’s also about making sure he stays socialized in a busy city. It’s easy to get these jobs through Rover and other similar apps.

    However, if you really love pets, consider starting your own, more unique, business. My brother takes packs of dogs on hikes in the LA area. He also offers pack animal therapy in a variety of settings. Sometimes he did events. For example, his pack of dogs was hired to appear on a marriage proposal. I also got to know people who worked as dog cooks, were their drivers and were trained with them. If you think about it, LA could pay for it. So, if you love pets and have a unique idea, this is definitely one of the best sideline activities in California.

    4. Jobs in the cannabis industry

    Marijuana was medically legalized in California in the 1990s. It’s now legal for adults too. As a result, there are many legal jobs in the cannabis industry in California. If you enjoy working with plants, you might get a seasonal job as a trimmer. If you are interested in holistic health, you can find a part-time position in a CBD beauty products store. Other jobs range from cannabis delivery to laboratory testing to meet government regulations. This is one of the best California sideline jobs that you can’t easily get in other states.

    5. Unique tech jobs

    I recently signed up as a beta tester for an autonomous car company. In other words, I drive “driverless” cars for free. (At the moment they actually still have drivers in there.) In return, I give them my feedback. Of course, I don’t make any money with that. But considering how much I would otherwise pay for a service like Lyft, I’m saving money.

    Such unique tech opportunities exist across California, particularly in the Bay Area. You can sign up for beta tests, attend focus groups, and otherwise get paid for using new technology. In addition, there are jobs in sales, promotion, social media, etc. for all types of start-up companies. And the more new technologies hit the market, the more unique the jobs become. This is definitely a smart option if you are looking for a California side business.

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