These are the Highest Paid Jobs in Arizona!


    highest paid jobs in Arizona

    Many people move to the new federal states. After all, the pandemic has changed the landscape in many ways. The cost of living has changed. What we expect from our homes has changed. The nature we want around us has changed. However, when you are thinking about moving, you need to think about job opportunities. Even though you can work remotely now, you may not always have this option. Since many people move to Arizona, it is important to research the highest paying jobs in Arizona.

    Medical professionals have the 9 highest paying jobs in Arizona

    Every time you look at the highest paying jobs in a state, medical professionals tend to be in the top ten. However, in some states you can find a mix of other jobs there as well. For example, tech jobs and CEO-level jobs are sometimes ranked as highly as some medical doctor positions. Even so, doctors, dentists, and psychiatrists are the big winners in Arizona. They ranked the top nine spots for the highest-paying jobs in the state, according to a Zippia review of BLS statistics.

    Anesthetists in particular take the lead. Then there are surgeons, psychiatrists, and a multitude of doctors. General dentists come in 7th place and all other dental specialties in 9th place.

    What the highest paying jobs in Arizona pay

    In terms of what these people make, anesthesiologists have a starting salary of $ 170,240. Her median annual salary is $ 285,470. It is noteworthy that there are fewer than 1,000 people in this position in the state. Therefore, of course, it is very difficult to get into this high-paying profession here.

    Of the nine top jobs, doctors and ophthalmologists are the ones with the most employees. There are over 8,000 of them. This job ranks as the fourth highest salary in the state. Note that there are some exceptions to the individuals included in this job title. For example, family doctors and general practitioners of internal medicine, although they are in the top 9, are not included in that particular category. Likewise, pediatric ophthalmologists are in their own category. The people in this category have a starting salary of $ 121,480 and an average annual salary of $ 240,750.

    What’s the 10th Highest Paid Job in Arizona?

    Chief Executive is the only job in the top ten that is not a medical job. It comes straight to tenth place. There are over 3000 business executives in Arizona. They have a starting salary of just $ 67,640. However, they have an average annual salary of $ 178,890.

    Lots of six figure jobs in Arizona

    I’m originally from Tucson, Arizona. Now that I live in San Francisco, I think Tucson is extremely affordable. In particular, buying a house there seems cheap to me. Of course, compared to San Francisco, it’s cheap to buy a home anywhere. The cost of living in Arizona is actually average for the country. This means that you can usually live comfortably there on a six-figure income. I was surprised to see that there are quite a few high paying jobs in Arizona that hit the six-figure mark of the median annual salary.

    What Are Some Of The Six Digit Jobs In Arizona?

    Of the 100 jobs on the list, including the ten above, 60 are six digits! There are of course more medical professionals on the list. And you won’t be surprised to know that there are lawyers up there. Some examples of the other six figure salary jobs are:

    • Airline pilots
    • Various managers, including finance managers and purchasing managers
    • Engineers
    • Astronomers
    • Actuaries
    • First superiors of police and detectives
    • biochemist
    • Various university professors

    In other words, educated people with diverse interests can get high-paying jobs in Arizona.

    Highest paid jobs without a college degree

    So what if you don’t have a college education? It’s expensive to go to college. Plus, it’s not the right path for everyone. How Much Can You Make in Arizona Without Going to College?

    According to, the highest paying jobs that don’t require a college degree (though they may require certification) range from financial sales service agents who can make six figure incomes with just a high school degree to postmen who can earn just over $ 50,000 a year.

    Several post offices are listed in the top 50. My mother worked in the Tucson post office and retired from there. You can earn a good living there with overtime and vacation pay. Note that although this list is from, it is not specific to Arizona. If you’re looking for a job with no education, do your research.

    How does Arizona compare to other state salaries?

    ZipRecruiter reports that Arizona has a slightly lower average annual salary than other tiers. The average annual salary in the state is a six-figure salary, a little over $ 103,000 a year. If you work an average number of hours per week, that’s about $ 50 an hour.

    They report that the highest paying jobs in Arizona (those in the 90th percentile of income) pay about $ 178,000 a year. Other high paying jobs in the state have great variation. Other high-paying jobs in the state averaged nearly $ 140,000 a year, using the full 75th percentile. This is in line with the reports above, which show that the sixty highest paying jobs in the state are all six figure salary jobs.

    According to ZipRecruiter, Arizona ranks 36th among the highest employment salaries in the country. Hence, 14 other states pay higher. Keep in mind, however, that many of these states can also have higher costs of living. This is always something to consider when considering moving for a job.

    Best Cities to Get a Job in Arizona

    ZipRecruiter reports that while Phoenix is ​​the state’s capital, Tucson could be the best place to get a high-paying job. The city appears to be discontinuing more than its larger counterpart in 2021. They currently pay the highest median salary in the state: $ 121,467. However, Phoenix and its suburbs are also among the top ten highest paying jobs in Arizona. There are also a few smaller towns on the list, such as Gilbert, Arizona. Therefore, when moving to Arizona for a job, you should weigh activities, cost of living, and quality of life along with your work salary.

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