Things I Do Monthly to Prepare My Finances – Frugal Debt Free Life


    I am a prepper. (Not the kind that 40,000 gallon barrels of beans and rice have.) I enjoy walking into the month that is ready to be successful. So here are a couple of things that I do.

    February and November do not have the same budget. You can’t set it and forget about it. I need to add things like birthdays, travel, dates and other things that I know will come up.

    I’m self-employed so my retirement falls on me. My goal is to put $ 500 into my Roth IRA every month. I can’t go for a few months. But I am doing something. Investing is a time game. The longer my money stays in the market, the better I feel.

    I know we have appointments and I need to see how much money is in my Flex Spending account. If you don’t know what an FSA is, it is an account that you can deposit money into at PRETAX that will lower your taxable income and that you can spend that money on medical expenses.

    I need to write down any appointments, appointments, or work commitments I have and any family plans I need to keep.

    While my calendar is out, I’ll write down a few ideas for the month.

    There are a few things I need to do in my house to prepare for the month ahead.

    Wait what ?? Yes sir. You read that right. I will clean my washing machine and dishwasher with a special detergent. If I want my devices to last a long time, I have to do basic maintenance. That means washing them.

    Have you checked out your air filter lately? Um … go now. It’s likely gross and put a strain on your air conditioning or heating.

    What I mean by that is to copy all of my photos to an external hard drive and create a chatbook of the photos.

    What do you do monthly


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