This map shows exactly what your state pays for unemployed workers


This graphic shows a $ 100 bill framed on a US map.

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Depending on what unemployment program you are in and where you live, you can expect to receive around $ 490 to $ 800 per week in unemployment benefit, according to a new analysis of unemployment benefit data conducted by The Penny Hoarder.

That will not change under the new economic calculation.

Use the maps below to estimate how much your state pays in weekly unemployment benefits. The new economic stimulus program extends the additional unemployment benefit until September 6th.

A breakdown of unemployment benefits by state

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a long-term unemployment benefit program run by state employment offices. Refer to these estimated weekly numbers when participating in a state-level UI program or any of the unemployment extension programs, including the federal expansion known as Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC).

The weekly payment amounts vary widely by state – and can even vary from person to person in your own state. The information in the map is an estimate based on a state-to-state average of weekly UI payments compiled by the Department of Labor.

Pandemic unemployment benefits increase as part of the US rescue plan

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is a new federal unemployment program that was set up with the first stimulus package. If you are a gig worker, freelancer, or independent contractor, you will likely get benefits through this program.

The Department of Labor does not create payment information for PUAs as it does for unemployment insurance programs. However, the Stimulus Act states that as a PUA recipient you are entitled to a minimum weekly benefit amount equal to half the average UI payment in your state. This card uses the same data from the DOL as the first card and estimates payments based on half of each state’s average UI payment.

So the estimated amount is the minimum PUA payment plus $ 300 from the federal government.

Having trouble navigating all of these jobless programs? Use our simple English guide to unemployment benefits to get the help you need.

Adam Hardy is a former employee of the Penny Hoarder.


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