Transparency with Diana B .: Life as a Latina in the financial services sector


    Silvia Tergas was fortunate enough to pursue her passions and use her differences within the financial services industry to her advantage. Silvia’s father, who fled Cuba during the Cuban Revolution, paved the way for her to do an apprenticeship in the United States. The values ​​he taught her and the rest of the family led to several opportunities in her life, including planning her career in the financial sector. It wasn’t an easy path, however.

    In this episode, Diana Britton, Editor-in-Chief at, talks to Silvia, a financial planner at Prudential Advisors in Bethesda, Md., About how she discovered her passion for finance and what challenges she faced as a Latina woman in this industry and how she uses her differences to her advantage.

    Silvia discusses:

    • The story of her father, how he left Cuba and met her mother in Honduras;
    • Growing up and traveling in Latin America;
    • The values ​​her father taught her and how they led them to financial planning;
    • The struggles she faced as a female Latina in the industry;
    • How she embraced and processed the moments of discomfort in her life; and
    • Your work with the Hispanic community in the financial services field.

    If you are having difficulty and want to share your experience and help others in similar situations, please contact Diana at [email protected].

    The podcast Transparency with Diana B. is available on Apple Podcasts, Android, stapler, Spotify and wherever podcasts can be found.


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