Travel traffic light system introduced for summer holidays


    The government says you CAN start thinking about holidays now – but be careful

    Until now, the government has kept saying that it is simply too early to think about booking a vacation abroad. But today that has changed, and Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps told the BBC that people in England can now think about booking trips abroad.

    He told the BBC: “T.It is the first time I can say that I do not advise against booking a vacation abroad.

    “Yes, you want to check out what the situation is like in two or three weeks when this list is made – green, amber, red. You want to know that you have good vacation insurance and flexible flights and the rest of it.”

    “But for the first time, I think there is light at the end of the tunnel and we will be able to safely resume international travel, including cruises.”

    While this is promising news for those desperately looking for summer vacation, it is crucial to fully understand the financial risk before booking anything – especially given the great uncertainty and the fact that the government has not yet confirmed when vacation will be will definitely be allowed overseas. Last year when overseas travel resumed and then cut back, we unfortunately saw many lose because they had non-refundable bookings.

    So if you are determined to book, make sure you are fully aware and familiar with the risk, and book flexibly wherever possible. For more help with flexible booking, see our guides to cheap flights and international travel tips.


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