UBS picks up an Ohio-based $ 750 million team from Merrill Lynch


A team of four based in Kenwood, Ohio with more than $ 750 million in assets under management is joining UBS Private Wealth Management, the company said Tuesday morning. The group of four financial service providers is moving from Merrill Lynch to UBS.

The team will be known as Executive Wealth Partners and will include financial advisors Casey Marsh and Austin Poston, team administrator Michelle Thomas and customer service representative Ashley Monk. The group of four will team up with current Senior Vice President of UBS, Richard Corman, and Wealth Strategy Associate, Susan Farlow, reporting to both Michael Gatewood and Jon Ramey, Ohio Indy Market Head at UBS Wealth Management USA.

“The dynamic and diverse makeup of the team will help our office continue to advise executives, business owners and wealthy families who have complex and demanding investment and wealth planning needs,” said Ramey.

The team of four has experience working with executives and families. Casey Marsh was in the industry for 22 years, prior to which he was CFP in Private Wealth Management at Merrill Lynch. He specializes in working with executives, business owners, lawyers, medical professionals, and wealthy families. Poston has also worked for Merrill Lynch since joining the industry in 2017. Both Thomas and Monk were also from Merrill, with the former employee having been with the Wirehouse since 1993, while Monk has almost two decades of experience.

The announcement is the latest in a number of teams of advisors that have joined UBS in the past few weeks, including the Dawson Wealth Management Group, a San Diego team of five and the $ 1.1 billion team of five the Fortney Group by Morgan Stanley of Houston.


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