Unexpected lessons from a year of care


    It’s been a little over a year since we brought Champ home, our first long-term internship on our nursing trip. It’s been a year of learning, growing, and riding a roller coaster ride of emotions.

    On this episode of the podcast, Jesse and I sit down and share some of the most unexpected lessons – the heartache of parting, the deep sadness with our children, what we learned from reuniting, how it affected our children, thoughts about the Caring for a child with special needs and how it has strengthened and changed our faith.

    We also talk about a book I read, a book Jesse finished, as well as the care group and how sometimes entering into awkward things can turn into really great relationships.

    In this episode:

    [00:33] It’s a Nursing Awareness Month and we share our lessons learned from the past year of Nursing.

    [01:51] My care group saves my life these days.

    [05:42] Jesse finished the book he read and is still recommending it to me.

    [08:49] I have read I cannot steal my joy by Bekah Bowman.

    [11:35] Okay, let’s talk about all of the things of nursing and the unexpected lessons we learned along the way.

    [13:20] Dealing with the grief that comes with reunification has been a great lesson.

    [15:30] Our children were also affected and had the opportunity to learn how to grieve.

    [17:12] How our grief affected our first experiences with Baby D.

    [20:04] Caring has influenced our children and we have let ourselves into it with open eyes, but it has also given them the chance to grow so much.

    [23:01] It was amazing to see how our children bonded so much to the boys we sponsored.

    [26:02] Fear is normal. Expect the unexpected.

    [27:55] Nursing has also changed my view of hot button issues in the world.

    [30:14] The past year has deepened our faith like never before.

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