Update on the car loan from Beauty


    I mentioned about a month ago that I loaned Beauty the money to buy her car, well, part of it. I’m happy to announce that she has paid off the loan in full since this week, although we had some problems along the way.

    She is 18 years old. Has had a changeable childhood, to say the least. Has not modeled good financial decisions up to this point. But she chose to take responsibility, get good advice and now owns a pretty decent car in her own name that she paid for 100% herself.

    I couldn’t be more proud of her! I want to scream that from the roof.


    The girls and I during a recent visit to the World’s Longest Slip n Slide with my brother when we were visiting Texas.

    What’s next for this beauty

    She enrolled in full-time college at the local community college next month and will either stay here or live in the dorms for now. (I love that our local community college has student dormitories, and I hope she takes this step.) Between the Georgia HOPE scholarship and her on-demand Pell Grant money, nearly 100% of her tuition, supplies, and housing are covered.

    She is pursuing an Associates Degree in Cosmetology, a program she started during her high school. We’re not sure how long it will take as she still has to take a “placement test” and have her projects / hours from her high school program documented.

    I wanted to write this, not just because I’m very proud of her, but also as an example of how promoting older children … well, it can really make a huge difference in their lives. Even if it’s the final year of her high school career.

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