Use these tips to find great summer jobs


    Tips for finding great vacation jobs

    When you think about finding a vacation job, you often think of teenagers looking for work. That is definitely a situation. However, this year a lot of different people are looking for vacation jobs. Regardless of age or experience, use these tips to find great vacation jobs.

    Reasons to Find Great Summer Jobs

    Obviously, teenagers and young adults often seek summer jobs. You’re at school between semesters. They want some extra pocket money. In addition, they want to gain work experience before going full-time to work.

    But it’s not just teenagers who are looking for great vacation jobs this year. Lots of people are looking for a job. While some are looking for a permanent position, others are only looking for something for the summer. Examples include:

    • Families who want to work together in the summer months
    • People who have been unemployed for a while and need to top up their budget
    • People who are on the road for the summer and want to work their way
    • People with full-time jobs who want a side appearance in the months of the year with lots of daylight

    Whatever the reason, there are tons of great vacation jobs out there. You just have to know how to find them.

    5 solid tips for finding great summer jobs

    These tips for finding great summer jobs apply no matter how old you are or what job you might be looking for this summer:

    1. Treat job hunting like a job

    It is tempting to put just a little effort into your job search. After all, it’s summer. You want to enjoy your life too. However, this is a mistake. You should treat the job search as if it were a job in itself. The more seriously you take the job search, the more likely it is that you will get the job you want.

    How to take a job search seriously

    • Set a schedule for your job search. It doesn’t have to be 9-5. However, it should be comparable to a full-time job. Note that if you already have a full-time job and are looking for a second summer job, your job search plan would reflect this difference. In that case, you could commit to looking for three hours a night after work.
    • Do your research. Decide what type of job you are looking for. Then dig deep to find all the options available in your chosen area. Don’t just search and end up on the first Google search result. Instead, make an effort to find all the potential jobs.
    • Dress the part figuratively. In this case, it means taking the time to revise your resume. Write cover letter. Update your web presence. Everything to do with your job search should look like you are the person who deserves the job.

    2. Make your wish, will, not listing

    This is a great way to make decisions about almost anything in your life. Basically you take three sheets of paper. Then you label one with “want”, another with “want” and the last with “don’t want”. Then think about as many things as you can that relate to the question at hand. In this case the question arises – what kind of holiday job do I want?

    Tips for Finding Great Summer Jobs That You Actually Want To Work

    Put all the properties you want for the perfect job on your wish list. Consider:

    • Preferred salary
    • Desired / required hours
    • Dress code
    • working environment
    • Work duties
    • Services
    • duration of the commitment
    • Remote vs. in the office
    • Who you work with

    Next, write your will-not list. What are the things that you absolutely cannot tolerate in your job? There’s no point even applying for jobs that include items from your list.

    Finally, use this information to build your “will list”. These are the things that you will accept even if they are not your real “desires”.

    For example you could want a job that pays $ 30 an hour. You definitely habit accept a job that pays the minimum wage. However, given the right conditions, you can become take a job that pays $ 20 an hour.

    Knowing this information makes it much easier to find a job. Finally, it’s easy to filter out what isn’t working for you and focus on what works.

    3. Put the word outside and network as much as possible

    Of all the top tips for finding great vacation jobs, this is perhaps the most important. Yes, there are countless job boards online. You certainly have a chance of getting these jobs, especially if you treat the job search like a job in itself. Even so, it is always better if you know someone to help you get your foot in the door.

    Hence, you should make sure that you do as much as possible to network to find the jobs that you are looking for. First of all, this means that you need to make your existing network known. Let everyone know you are looking for. Plus, tell them what you’re looking for and don’t hesitate to let us know why you think you’re the perfect person for the job.

    Next, start networking outside of your existing circle. Identify the types of jobs you want for the summer. Then go to places where you can meet people who are hiring in those jobs. Job fairs, business events, meetups … all of these are great ways to meet the people you can hire this summer.

    4. Ask for help

    It’s perfectly okay to ask other people for help with getting vacation jobs. Think about your unique situation in order to find the people to ask.

    For example, if you are a student looking for a vacation job, you should seek help from your school advisor. They always have tips for finding great vacation jobs. They can also provide you with a reference.

    If you have been unemployed for some time and need help, you should contact your unemployment advisor. You’ll be surprised how helpful they can be with tips on finding great vacation jobs. Of course, they can also help you find long-term solutions.

    Maybe you know someone who has the kind of company you want to work for. You don’t have to ask her for a job (although you could). However, you could ask for lunch to pluck their brains on how they get this job.,

    5. Create your own summer job

    You don’t necessarily have to rely on someone else hiring you this summer. You can start your own job. If you’re a teenager, you can opt for pet sitting, babysitting, or learning to use social media for income. When you are older, you may want to start a side business, write an e-book, or start selling your consulting services. You can try it out for the summer. Then, if you like it, you can let it grow.

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