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    I sat down with Kimberly Olson recently for a chat. She has a fascinating history and is a self-made millionaire after being fired from her six-figure company job without notice before COVID.

    Read on to find out what she recommends about online marketing, selling your service, and how to be authentic to your followers.

    How Kimberly ended up in online marketing

    Kimberly decided to get into online marketing in March 2017. She says, “I blogged and made YouTube videos for about a decade, but never enough to quit my job.” Unfortunately, she was fired without notice when she was eight months pregnant. Worried about paying her bills, she started hosting bootcamps at her home and doing what she could to make money.

    After recently building her dream home, Kimberly was in a financial bind. She and her husband dumped their 401k and lived on credit cards. She took a local job to make ends meet, came home exhausted and wasn’t there for her children. Then one day a friend asked her about network marketing. “She had a very diverse background in sales, including network marketing.” After working for a month, she brought home a $ 200 paycheck.

    When she found she was sabotaging herself, she sought professional help, hired a therapist who was also a Reiki healer, and six weeks later she had her mind reprogrammed. “I woke up thinking I will destroy this day.” She stepped into her own and began to emerge and serve forever.

    Build a presence on social media

    Kimberly showed up on social media with live marketing tip videos. Her followers started asking her to coach them in digital marketing. Branded “The Gold Digger Girl” in 2018, Kimberly built 17 streams of income. In 90 days she had reached six figures and turned her mindset and fortune upside down.

    She attributes her business success to the consistency and the top thought of her followers. “They know the sun is rising, that you will be there for them. It’s about being yourself, showing yourself authentically and taking care of people. “

    The ideas booklet

    To make sure she remembered her new business ideas, she always carried a notebook with her and wrote down ideas when they came to her. She used this notebook to create and write down her business goals.

    Yourself sabotaging your own success

    Did you know that self sabotage can happen when business is going well? Your subconscious doesn’t like change, so you need to recognize if you are sabotaging yourself. When I work with clients, I let them know that they need to give their brain a roadmap.

    Having a physical roadmap as a visual and gaining momentum into action gives you confidence. You are like; I can do it. And then you take the next step and the next step and the next step. Now you can change your situation and grow personally and professionally.

    Why Kimberly decided to become a writer

    When she thinks back to why she wanted to write a book, she talks about her beautiful Pinterest mothers who followed her for her authenticity. She didn’t filter or retouch her photos because she wanted to be authentic.

    We both agree that you should be aware that what you see is what you get! “I think people can energetically sense and be really drawn to it.” Of course, you can show up with or without makeup, but for Kimberly, showing up with dirty hair connects with her crowd. “I’ll tell people that I haven’t washed my hair in seven days. They love that. They say, oh my god, she doesn’t wear mascara or wash her hair. Oh my God. It’s so awesome. “

    All mothers celebrate because they can count on putting yourself last when you have kids. “That’s what people want. You want real. And people will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame, if you are authentic, because they can feel it. “

    Feeling better in business when you are disciplined

    I had the discipline to build a business. If you are disciplined, you will feel better. You have the freedom to feel good about yourself, and you have a good relationship and a good relationship with yourself.

    Discipline creates structure, so remember to allow unstructured time into your schedule for more freedom. Kimberly notes that it’s important to spend time with your kids when they’re around and then get your work done when they’re in bed. At 10 p.m., it’s time for her to build her empire so that she can focus on her business once her kids are asleep. “You have to plan and plan your work and then you can actually switch off because unstructured time is scheduled.”

    What to do on social media

    Kimberly says, “If you look at trends, Instagram won’t go away.” She recommends going live, creating a YouTube channel, and producing a podcast. She also recommends ripping the audio from your video to create your podcast. “Think micro content when you’re creating a YouTube or a podcast. Take a minute-long clip, put it together and add it to your stories. “

    Building connections and social relationships

    She strongly recommends selfies and other personal content on your personal profile. However, she does not recommend hiding behind a company page or pay-to-play ads.

    Instead, show who you are through your content so that you don’t just showcase your program or whatever you have to offer.

    Kimberly Olson’s Top 3 Selling Tips for Entrepreneurs

    Kimberly has great advice when it comes to selling. “When you think about selling you stop thinking about selling and wonder how can I take care of these people? She often directs her followers to one of her videos or podcast episodes to answer a question in depth. If they don’t have the content on their platform, they’ll find someone else with content to answer their question.

    When she helps people find what they need, they keep coming back to her. Then she can pitch coaching and her program.

    Second, Kimberly says that you want to ask great questions to help identify the pain point. Uncover their pain point by asking questions.

    Third, follow like a boss and ask about the sale. “You need all of your leads in some kind of CRM. If you want to build an empire, be it six-figure, seven-figure, you have to pull up your big girls panties and organize yourself, because if you don’t, you leave money on the table because most people need more time. “

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