Vodafone will increase monthly bills for millions of customers by up to 4.5% from April


Almost all customers with monthly payments are affected, although the exact increase will depend on your product and when you signed up or last updated your plan.

We already knew that prices for customers with monthly payments for mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches who signed their current contract on December 9, 2020 would increase by 4.5%, but we now know that the prices for customers who last upgraded or claimed up 1.4% as of April will close a deal before that date. It has now also been confirmed that most Vodafone broadband customers will see their bills increase 1.4% from April.

Both customer groups have price increases related to the February retail price index (RPI) measure of inflation, which was announced this week. Use our tools for cheap mobile finders and unbundled broadband deals to find the best contract for you.

Vodafone bills will increase by up to 4.5% this year

Pay-as-you-go users (PAYG) and users of the Vodafone tariffs “Broadband Extra” and “Broadband Pro Xtra” are not affected by the price increases. The following increases apply to all others.

  • New. Did you sign a new contract for mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches or broadband connections before December 9, 2020? Your bill will go up 1.4% from April. This is based on the February 2021 RPI inflation rate announced in March.
  • New. Have you signed up for a broadband contract for your home between December 9, 2020 and February 23, 2021? Expect a price increase of 1.4% from April onwards. Again, this is based on the February RPI inflation figure announced in March.
  • Signed or extended a new contract from December 9, 2020 – without broadband customers at home? You will be hit with a 4.5% increase on your April bill. This applies to monthly and pure SIM customers with mobile and tablet contracts as well as customers with Apple and Samsung watch contracts, OneNumber contracts and customers with Vodafone Basics plans.

    Vodafone confirmed last year that it would increase prices for these customers + 3.9% from April 2021, using December’s consumer price index (CPI) measure of inflation (as announced in January). The CPI was confirmed at 0.6% in January, an increase of 4.5% overall.

  • Got a home broadband plan on or after February 24, 2021? Prices will increase from April 2022. Your bill will rise plus 3.9% based on the December 2021 CPI inflation measurement published in January 2022.

The price increases are written in customer contracts so that you can only leave the company with no penalty if you are outside of your minimum contract period. Vodafone has announced that it will invest in improving its network.


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