Warm home discount 2021 – check which applications are open


    Get £ 140 off your electricity bill with the Warm Home Discount to cut energy bills. Find out if your supplier is on the program and how to apply.

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    Millions of households can apply for a Warm Home Discount Grant of £ 140 to pay for their electricity bills.

    It is easy to use and many energy companies participate.

    The discount will be added to your energy account to cover the additional costs you incur during the winter months.

    Read on to find out when applications open and if your supplier is participating.

    What is the Warm Home Discount Program?

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    With the Warmheim discount, you receive a one-time payment of € 140 directly as a credit on your electricity bill.

    It doesn’t matter whether you have a smart meter, pay monthly, pay in advance or have a usage-based energy meter.

    The payments will be shown as a discount on your energy bills and will not be paid to you in cash. Or, if you have a prepaid meter, you will receive a top-up voucher.

    If you have your gas bill and electricity with the same provider, you may be able to add them to your gas meter.

    Your energy supplier pays the credit into your energy billing account at any time from October to March.

    The payment is slated to rise to a one-time discount of £ 150, but the government has yet to confirm the date.

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    When does the warm home discount program start in 2021?

    The Warm Home Discount Program will officially start on October 18, 2021.

    But many energy suppliers opened their applications early.

    Energy companies manage the applications according to the first-come-first-served principle.

    How do I apply for the Warm Home discount?

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    Low fuel customers

    If you have a low income and receive certain means-related benefits, you can apply under the “extended group rules”.

    Each supplier runs the more comprehensive group program with slightly different admission criteria and decides who can receive the discount.

    There are limited discounts so you need to apply early.

    You have to apply directly to your supplier (see below).

    Low fuel pensioners

    As part of the core group, you must receive the guarantee loan element of the pension credit before the deadline of July 4, 2021.

    You should then automatically qualify and be eligible for the Warm Home discount.

    You don’t have to apply as the Department of Work and Pensions will write to you as part of the core group.

    You have to call the hotline by February 28, 2022 to confirm your details.

    Which energy companies offer Warm Home Discount?

    Here are the energy companies offering the hot house discount for 2021/2022.

    If your supplier hasn’t opened any applications, you may be able to register for a notification instead of looking again.

    Applications open

    Registration open

    Not open yet

    • E (gas and electricity) – not open
    • So energy – not open
    • Spark – not open (if you haven’t already been notified that you are moving to SSE, apply to Spark)


    What if my energy company goes broke?

    If your energy company is broke, Ofgem, the energy regulator, will move you to a new supplier.

    This process can take a few weeks.

    If you applied for the Warm Home Discount before going bankrupt, but have not received the payment, you will have to reapply to your new energy supplier.

    If the new supplier doesn’t offer it, you can switch to a supplier who does.

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    Frequently asked questions about the Warm Home discount

    Why is my supplier not included?

    As of 2020, a supplier must have at least 150,000 customers in order to participate in the Warm Home Discount program.

    Previously, the supplier had to have more than 250,000 customers.

    Some smaller suppliers can volunteer even if they have fewer customers.

    When is the submission deadline or the deadline for the Warm Home Discount?

    Energy companies will credit the discount to your account by March 31st. However, you must apply in good time, just in case the applications close prematurely.

    Can everyone get a discount?

    While millions of households are eligible, the number of discounts is limited. It’s best to apply early so you don’t miss anything.

    When is money paid?

    The money will be paid directly to your energy bill between October and March.

    Do you have to apply for a Warm Home Discount every year?

    As part of the broader group, you will need to apply for the Warm Home Discount every year to check that you are still eligible.

    Who Pays for the Warm Home Discount Program?

    The energy suppliers finance the program.

    How many households can apply for the heating discount?

    Around 2.2 million households in the UK can apply for a Warm Home Discount.

    Can I change energy provider before I receive payment?

    Consumables cannot transfer the Warm Home discount to one another.

    If you have applied for a Warm Home discount, you will need to stay with your supplier until payment has been made. After that, you can watch the change of provider without losing the money.

    The discount is shown as £ 133.33. Do i have less?

    The £ 140 Warm Home discount includes VAT. The discount will appear on your energy bill at £ 133.33 as it is before VAT and VAT will be added later.

    Eligibility for the Warm Home discount

    The regulation is carried out differently for each electricity provider.

    To give you an idea of ​​eligibility, for a provider you need to meet one of the following requirements for the broader group:

    • Income-related employment allowance;
    • Income-related allowance for job seekers;
    • Social care; or
    • Have received Universal Credit and have earned between zero and £ 1,349 in at least one of the previous twelve assessment periods.

    orif any of the following are true, you may also qualify if

    • Your total household income is less than £ 16,190

    AND your household also meets at least one of the following criteria:

    There is a permanent child in your household who:

    • Is 5 years or younger; or
    • Is 18 years of age or younger in full-time education; or
    • Entitled to free school meals;

    You or another member of your household:

    • receives a child or employment tax credit that includes a disability or severely disabled element, a disabled child element, or a severely disabled child element or family element or UC equivalent;
    • receives an earnings-related benefit that includes a disabled child premium, a disability premium, a severe disability premium, an increased disability premium or a UC equivalent;
    • receives the restricted ability to work and work-related activity within the meaning of Regulations 39 and 40 of the Universal Credit Regulations 2013 (a);
    • receives pensioner bonus, higher pensioner bonus or higher pensioner bonus;
    • receives disability allowance (DLA), personal independence payment (PIP); Disability allowance or care allowance;
    • Is 65 years of age or older;
    • The annual energy consumption of your household is more than 10% of the annual income.

    Scottish Power Criteria

    Electricity providers may need to see evidence to support your broader group application.

    Other utilities may use different qualifying ratings, so check with them to be sure.

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    2020 Warm Home Discount Suppliers

    The following suppliers were involved in the program for winter 2020 to 2021. However, some of them stopped trading or moved to another company.

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