Warning to Sky TV customers


    The telecommunications giant notifies broadband and home phone customers when their minimum contract term ends. However, no notifications are sent when the TV customers’ contracts have expired. This means that many who have been with the company for a while may not know that they can look for a cheaper deal.

    Below is detailed information on the line between Sky and Ofcom, as well as how you can verify that you can save as a Sky customer. See our Unbundled broadband tool and digital TV guides for the best broadband and TV deals.

    According to Ofcom, telecommunications companies need to warn customers when contracts end

    According to Ofcom, all broadband, telephone and pay TV providers MUST notify customers when their contract ends under the new rules introduced in February 2020.

    Vendors must send a notification to customers 10 to 40 days before a deal ends. These are usually sent by text, email or letter and must also contain offers for new customers. However, not all companies allow existing customers to take advantage of these offers, and providers do not have to take into account the incentives to switch that occur frequently. You can obtain via comparison sites such as billing credit, cashback or vouchers.

    Ofcom now says it has “reasonable grounds to believe” that Sky broke its rules by failing to tell television-only customers when their contract would end. However, Sky denies that Ofcom read the rules and believes that standalone pay-TV services are outside their purview, despite the argument only made by the big telecommunications company.

    The regulator says it will publish its final decision on the case this summer and may ultimately take Sky to court if it fails to comply. Sky has the option to act on Ofcom’s original decision before the final outcome is reached.

    A spokesman for Sky said, “We are pleased to have the opportunity to clarify what have long been different views on the interpretation of the law.”


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