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    This website is designed to help you make money legally online. Sometimes you don’t have to enter into an obscure partnership or start crypto trading like a cowboy to make money on the internet: Sometimes you can just make your money the old-fashioned way selling things. E-commerce – selling goods online – is huge business. Over 2 billion people bought goods online in 2020, according to data collected by Statista. You can market your site to prospects all over the world and with a great product you can expand much faster than it was possible before the Internet came along. Unfortunately, the sheer size of the e-commerce market means that competition is very, very fierce. You need a quality website to attract and retain customers. Here are some features that can help your ecommerce website grow.

    An optimized checkout system

    Converting visitors into customers is often about removing barriers between them and your product. All top notch website designers will prioritize simplifying and streamlining the checkout process when putting together an ecommerce website. You should aim for a strong customer conversion rate. This is the ratio of customers who actually buy goods or subscribe to mailing lists as opposed to those who simply visit without doing anything. A streamlined check-out process is one of the surest ways to improve your conversion rate.

    SEO-friendly content and metadata

    Search engine optimization – or SEO for short – is the practice of improving a website’s search engine ranking. The easiest ways to do this include integrating metadata and writing high quality, keyword aware content. Metadata can be placed in image files and videos, and essentially gives search engine algorithms another set of keywords to consider. Good content in the form of texts is one of the most respected ranking factors in the “eyes” of search engine algorithms. Don’t just fill your content with keywords, though – clever new algorithms can see through it.

    Mobile device compatibility

    Over half of the surfing is done on mobile devices. If your ecommerce website has poor mobile compatibility, you risk foreclosing a large chunk of your potential market. Good website design for mobile compatibility is all about scalability and simplicity. Don’t clutter your website with complex menus and mixed media. While these features look great on a big screen, they make browsing (and buying) on ​​a mobile phone unnecessarily difficult.

    User generated ratings (up to a point)

    Highlighting user generated reviews on your ecommerce website can show how good your products are and will naturally increase your keyword count as well. However, you should filter your reviews before allowing them on your homepage. Trolls, racists, and general naysayers can damage your carefully curated website and drive potential customers away before they make a purchase.

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