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    Last updated on May 27, 2021 by Justin Su

    If you are looking for a tasking site that can make money online, Remote Tasks is one of them. This is where you can make money online.

    In this Remote Tasks review, you will learn almost everything about the Remote Tasks platform.

    You can tell Remote Tasks is an alternative too Micro-workers, Mtürk, and Picoworker. Once you’ve used them, here’s how it really works.

    What are remote tasks?

    Remotasks is a micro job platform where you can make money by doing micro jobs. It was launched in 2017 by Scale Labs, Inc. It is headquartered in the United States.

    Tasks are transcribing audio files, moderating content and tagging images. Most of the tasks are image tagging. Remote tasks can be one of the best ways to earn additional bills online.

    But it doesn’t compare to any other website in that you need to do some test-like stuff here before you can start making money and getting any tasks done.

    How does remote tasks work?

    Remote tasks is as simple as it looks, but can be complicated for some beginners. Since it offers a wide variety of tasks and people who have completed it are called Taskers.

    These tasks are started by some auto-related startups and public companies. Most of these jobs are driving.


    You can Log In via Facebook, Gmail and email. Registration will take no more than a few seconds. Registration can also be done using the same methods.

    Take exams

    After signing up, you will need to complete the training or exam by visiting the training page. There are many different exams that you can take that will qualify your account for assignments in wide categories.

    The more exams you complete, the more assignments you will get. So try to do as many tasks as you can.

    Do tasks

    After completing the exams, you will be given tasks that will only be visible after the tasks have been completed. You can choose any task and follow the instructions and complete the tasks.

    If you haven’t done tasks for a long time, the platform will block you.

    Get paid

    If you do the job, you get paid to do it. Payments are sent through PayPal. Payments are sent automatically every week.

    Is Remote Tasks Legit or Scam?

    Remote tasks appear to be legitimate and trustworthy micro-task platforms. Where to make money online to get chores done.

    But reviews from their users are on the negative side. You can find user reviews on TrustPilot where most people said they weren’t happy with the payout and the amount they deserve.

    Click here to read their review TrustPilot.

    Payment Methods

    Payment is made exclusively via PayPal. You will only receive payment once a week, on Friday. No minimum balance is required.

    There is a 2% withdrawal fee that will be deducted from your payment.

    How Much Can You Earn?

    Earning depends on you and many other factors. If you do things regularly, you can make more money every day. According to some reports, you can make around $ 2 an hour, yes I know it’s low but still good.

    Correct answers are only paid for correct answers. Those who pass more exams earn more. Thank you for reading this Remote Tasks review.

    Conclusion: Remotasks are trustworthy and legitimate, but their payoff is small. You may learn all about them in this remote tasks review. Don’t forget to share this article.


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