«We’re the biggest company in Canada you’ve never heard of,» says the founder of Q Wealth


    «We always wanted to set ourselves apart from the competition, but COIVD gave us a technological advantage,» said Rabinowitz. «We saw a lot of void in the market, especially when we looked at the best of the US because it is usually assumed to be five or ten years earlier than what we have here in Canada.»

    Q planned to offer enough technology and business benefits to attract independent consultants, but those benefits are now also helping consultants manage and maintain compliance for customer-facing reforms.

    “We bring institutional style investment management and then democratize it for private clients. So that’s a big deal because we’re bringing in the level of sophistication that these big organizations have access to that you just don’t have access to at the retail level, ”Rabinowitz said.

    He noted that Q is «the best-known portfolio management firm in the field» and its business structure also attracts more consultants as it allows them to have their own practice, realize economies of scale and structure their holdings for maximum tax efficiency Potential.

    Rabinowitz believes Q will continue to grow as it shows advisors how to not only increase their efficiency, but also improve their customer experience as they increasingly focus on clients’ financial planning and life management experience over the next decade focus. Rabinowitz said Q’s technology can help them show their customers how they are on track to meet their financial goals and use their money to lead their best lives.

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