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While people slowly emerge from their quarantine life over time. As the vaccine becomes more available, we are gradually hearing what people have achieved over the past year.

  1. People started businesses.
  2. You have lost weight and got in shape OR on the contrary.
  3. New family traditions were born.
  4. Careers have been lost and careers have been won.
  5. Education (at least online) has increased as people learned new skills.
  6. Honey-do lists are actually ready. (Seriously, so many of my married friends have commented on this.)

While our lifestyles haven’t changed too much compared to the rest of the world, our lives have certainly changed. I thought I worked a lot in the last 14 years to own my business, but this year the number of hours worked per week has slightly doubled.

I realize that times have been very difficult for many. The separation from family, loss of job, finding a way to work with children from school in homes that are not set up for everyone, fear and worry of illness, and even the loss of loved ones have ruined normalcy.

The silver lining

At the same time, I continue to hear the good that came out of the forced time at home. Personally, I know our finances hit 180 this year. This is not only the result of my new job, but also from more and more companies looking for and open to remote workers.

I would love to hear the silver lining, the positive aspects that have come into your life as a result of the change.

I know that without COVID I wouldn’t have the job that I have. The company I work for would NEVER have considered hiring a remote worker before. I am so grateful for the events that brought me here. Not only for the financial change this has brought about, but above all for the trust in me and my worth.

Is there anything you are grateful for over the past year? Something that might not otherwise have happened?


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