What is disability insurance and do I need it? ft Stephanie Pearson


    What is disability insurance and do I need it from Stephanie Pearson?

    Our guest this week is Stephanie Pearson, MD, FACOG, a board certified obstetrician / gynecologist and a medical disability attorney and counselor. Stephanie lives in Wynnewood, PA, grew up in southern New Jersey, received her BS from Emory University and her MD from MCP / Hahnemann (now Drexel University College of Medicine). Before she was injured, she practiced obstetrics and gynecology at a community hospital in suburban Philadelphia.

    Today she advises residents and treating doctors about the importance and subtleties of occupational disability and life insurance Pearson Ravitz.

    Well let’s goOkay what we discussed in this episode:

    • Stephanie’s story
    • Big mistakes people make when they think of disability insurance
    • Tax nuances for disability insurance
    • Policy changes to look out for during a pandemic
    • The right time for disability insurance

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    Here’s a breakdown of how this episode played out …


    The sooner people prepare for it, the better off they are. The calls that hurt me the most are when they call me afterwards.


    I still think there is a timing problem and with life insurance too, gestational diabetes can double to quadruple the cost of life insurance for women. I think it’s really important that women get this stuff as early as possible.

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