What is the best job posting page for employers?


    Would you like to fill a vacancy once and for all?

    Indeed and Monster are two of the best options for attracting qualified candidates and turning them into highly qualified employees. One company has built an excellent reputation for itself over the past two decades, while the other has built a significantly larger job board in less time.

    It’s not as easy as quality vs. quantity or as easy to compare these traditional job boards to a site that syndicates job postings across 100+ boards. like ZipRecruiter.

    There are several key differences between Monster and Indeed – and understanding how they differ could be the difference between permanent interviews and preparing a letter of offer.

    That’s why we’re contrasting Indeed vs. Monster to help you determine which site will best meet your business needs.

    What is in fact?

    Indeed is a free job board with a variety of premium options to make life easier for job seekers and employers.

    Since it’s free, employers get access to a diverse pool of candidates that is full of talent. And job seekers don’t have to pay a dime to apply for jobs, upload their résumé to the Indeed database, or create job notifications for positions they’re interested in.

    For employers, Indeed’s free features take the risk of testing the talent pool. But its premium features, such as sponsored posts and a subscription to the résumé database, make finding talent on Indeed efficient.

    Other top features of Indeed’s job board include company pages, support for third-party applicant tracking systems, and Instant Match, a tool that matches applicant résumés with your job advertisements.

    What is monster

    Monster offers many of the same core functionality as other job boards like Indeed, CareerBuilder, and ZipRecruiter. For many recruiters and employers, Monster’s standout function is simplicity.

    Creating a job posting is easy. You can choose from more than 2,000 templates to create your job advertisement. You can also let Monster suggest candidates for your company’s vacancies based on the factors you specify: skills, location, experience, and more.

    You can get a taste of what Monster has to offer with a free trial, but you cannot post vacancies for free like Indeed can. While there aren’t entirely free options, Monster has plenty of support resources to help make your recruiting effort successful and affordable.

    Unlike Indeed, Monster has its own applicant tracking systems to help you manage your recruiting campaign. If you want to use your selected ATS, you will need to use a different job board.

    Monster offers a library of training content to empower hiring managers and recruiters to get the most out of the job board’s tools and features. The company also offers customer support by phone or email during business hours in case you get stuck.

    Feature Comparison: Actual vs. Monster

    featuresmonsterAs a matter of fact
    Free job postingsnoYes
    Job advertisement templatesYesno
    Third party ATS supportnoYes
    Customer serviceYesYes
    Training libraryTraining courses and help centerHelp center
    Campaign management toolsYesYes
    Pay for performanceYesYes
    Continue searchYesYes
    Email alertYesYes

    Reach and target group for job advertisements

    Just as quality and volume are both key metrics for sales leads, reach shouldn’t be the only metric you use when comparing Indeed vs. Monster. But there is certainly something to be said about the sheer number of people who search for or post jobs on Indeed.

    Indeed seems to have a clear advantage here which job site has the better reach. In fact, in 2021, Indeed had an average of around 600 million monthly users, while Monster attracted a small fraction of that traffic (just under 8 million), according to analysis by SimilarWeb.

    Sites like Monster rely in part on presence to cope with huge job boards like Indeed and. to be able to compete ZipRecruiterwho will pass your job postings to over 100 other job sites. Monster is represented in over 50 countries.

    Given the range of free job postings, it should come as no surprise that Indeed is seeing much higher traffic from job seekers and employers.

    Prices: How much do these job boards charge

    Here’s a look at the pricing plans for running a recruiting campaign through Monster and Indeed:


    • $ 279: Starter pack with one slot for a job posting, 50 résumé views per month
    • $ 399: Standard package with three vacancies, placement on partner sites for 30 days, display of 150 CVs per month
    • $ 649: Premium package with five slots, placement on partner sites for 30 days, 250 résumé views per month

    As a matter of fact:

    • Free launches: No charge to post an ad on the site
    • Pay-per-click: prices based on user interaction with job postings
    • The total cost of the campaign is based on the budget you set and the time you choose to post
    • $ 100: 30 résumé views per month
    • $ 250: 100 résumé views per month

    frequently asked Questions

    Not quite ready to choose a website to post jobs on yet? We’ve rounded up some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet about these two job posting sites to help you make a decision.

    Which is better: monster or actually?

    You are likely to find a much larger pool of candidates at Indeed, but many employers prefer Monster when it comes to finding qualified candidates who are actively involved in the job market. There may be more qualified applicants on Indeed, but you will likely need to search more unqualified applicants as well.

    So it may depend on how much you’re willing to dig, or how many resumes you have the bandwidth required.

    Is actually bigger than monsters?

    Yes, Indeed attracts a lot more web traffic than Monsters. In fact, it attracts hundreds of millions of monthly visitors, while Monster is more in the tens of millions.

    Is Indeed pulling jobs from Monster?

    No, these two job boards do not separate job offers from each other. However, they work with their partner sites to share job vacancies with a wider audience of job applicants.

    Why is indeed so bad?

    Some recruiters and hiring managers feel that Indeed offers an inferior product compared to other top job boards. However, much of the negativity surrounding Indeed can be related to the huge size of the site.

    Employers can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of high quality candidates generated from Indeed vacancies. Applicants looking for a full-time position may also form some negative opinions about Indeed due to the large number of contract and entry-level jobs that help fill the site.

    Decide which job board to use

    If size was the only metric that mattered, the clear winner here would be Indeed. But after looking at the key features of these two job posting pages, the winner here will clearly be for your company and its needs.

    And maybe you won’t find a winner here. There are other large job boards that might fit your needs even better, such as a job board like ZipRecruiter.

    With ZipRecruiter, a job aggregator, you get the power of artificial intelligence to find the most suitable job candidates based on attributes like experience, college degree, location and more. This AI is especially useful when you consider all of the résumés you can create from a job posting page that shares your jobs on dozens of other job boards.

    Even if you gravitate towards Monster or Indeed, posting on a website that syndicates your job postings can help you find the best candidate much faster.

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