What is the Massachusetts Minimum Wage?


    Minimum wage in Massachusettsach

    The minimum wage in Massachusetts is rising. It’s currently at $ 13.50 but will be moving again next year. It’s an important step in the right direction, but will it be enough?

    Minimum wage on the rise

    In the blue hills of this great state, those who worked in minimum wage positions received a 75 cents increase to $ 13.50 on January 1st. It’s the third straight year that hourly rates have risen, but it won’t be before 2023 for the state to cross its $ 15 finish line. It’s a positive step in the right direction, but according to MIT’s wage calculations, an adult without a partner or children would need $ 17.74 to meet their basic needs. An adult with a child would need $ 36.88. The numbers don’t always tell the full story, however.

    Service employees are viewed differently

    Interestingly, there is another minimum wage to consider. Service reps currently earn $ 5.55 an hour for tips exceeding $ 20 a month. However, in areas like hospitality, workers don’t have to worry about inequality. Instead, employers must ensure that their employees are at least $ 13.50 / hour Receive an hourly rate and tips.

    If employers can’t achieve this, the company must pay employees the difference to bring the hourly rate up to the Massachusetts minimum wage. It’s also important to note that there are rules in place on how to deal with tips. Tips must either be withheld by the employee or administered through a valid tip pool as defined in MGL c.149-152A. That wage will also be increased by $ 6.15 and $ 6.75, respectively, on January 1st for the next two years.

    Ways To Stretch Your Dollar

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    How to make a difference

    If you are not satisfied with what your elected officials are doing in the area of ​​minimum wages, there are several ways you can make your voice heard. RaiseUp Massachusetts, for example, was launched in 2013 after individual coalitions came together to promote better wages. They have managed to enforce new laws like increasing the minimum wage and paid sick leave, but the work continues. Contact them if you want to get involved.

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