What is the Modern Canadian Dream? It’s not just about money


    Respondents’ assessment of their ability to achieve their personal Canadian dream found that two-thirds (65%) were optimistic that they could achieve their ambitions. Surprisingly, the same number of respondents (65%) were pessimistic about most Canadians’ ability to meet their financial goals.

    There was also a difference of opinion between Canadian households with an annual income of $ 50,000 or more (72% believed they could achieve their Canadian dream) and those with an annual income below that threshold (only 43% thought they could achieve their dream ).

    While ESG priorities didn’t make it to the top of the checklists of most Canadian dreamers, “protecting the environment” was a top three priority for 21% of respondents, including 28% of British Columbians.

    Canadians’ green leanings were also evident when asked to pick their top concerns about Canada’s future. While the economy was ranked as the number one answer by 73% of Canadians, ESG concerns mostly followed, including:

    • Protecting our oceans and water supplies (64%);
    • COVID or future pandemics (59%);
    • Social justice (52%);
    • Pollution (50%);
    • Forest fires (49%);
    • Deforestation (43%);
    • Cyber ​​security (42%); and
    • Oil drilling (33%).

    Among all Canadians surveyed, 76% said they are doing something to protect Canada’s future. Accordingly, 85% said that purchasing from environmentally conscious companies is a matter of personal importance.


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