What is UHRS and how do I find UHRS jobs from home?


    Last updated on May 28, 2021 by Justin Su

    You used a search engine to come here, right? Have you been looking for ways to make money online with UHRS? Then you can find many results.

    But are the given results correct or not? Sometimes you will get inaccurate results that are not related to your outcome. You may not like that.

    And to solve this problem, there is UHRS. Would you like to know what UHRS is and how you can make money with UHRS jobs? Read the article to the end.

    What is UHRS?

    First, let’s understand the full form of UHRS. The complete form is the universal human relevance system.

    UHRS is the task that requires users to qualify the link for specific research. For example, as a user, you will get two links and you will need to select one that matches the terms you are looking for.

    UHRS is a crowdsourcing platform owned and launched by Microsoft and used by Microsoft for data labeling. Workers around the world do these jobs and make money from it.

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    UHRS login and register

    UHRS tasks can be accessed through various websites. They have partnered with many well known websites to distribute these duties.

    To log into UHRS, you must first access these websites and then use them to register or log in. I will guide you using this website later in this article.

    Websites for accessing UHRS jobs

    To get UHRS up and running, you can use the following websites. I’ll add the most active websites to the list. So I suggest checking them again as you join these websites.

    Clickworker UHRS jobs

    Clickworker is one of those websites where users can do UHRS work. According to the FAQ page, however, UHRS jobs are only available for selected countries.

    So I suggest reading the FAQ page here (UHRS clickworker faq).

    If your country is approved, you will find a UHRS banner on your dashboard after signing up. Or you can go to the vacancies page under the vacancies. There you will find vacancies.

    In order to participate in assignments, you must complete the UHRS I and II assessments. You must have a Live ID account. You can find more information on the website itself.


    OneForma is a new and active platform to find such jobs online.

    All you have to do is enter the website and complete the registration process. After you have filled out the registration form, you will receive an activation link within a few hours.

    After logging in, you have to pass the language test and others. You will find important languages.

    Each test takes 30 minutes (varies from test to test). You can find different types of jobs such as transcription and translation.

    How Much Can You Earn?

    There are some proof of payment posted by users on the internet that show you can make around $ 2 to $ 30 an hour. This amount can be more or less depending on the location and the task.


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