What scholarships does the Elevations Foundation offer?


    Every year, the Elevations Foundation supports local college graduates with scholarships for higher education. In fact, the Elevations Foundation has helped over 150 students begin their college careers. Until March 1, 2022, students can apply for three Elevations Foundation scholarships: Don E. Neuburger Memorial Scholarship, Wm. C. «Bill» Sterner Memorial Scholarship and MR Hellie Memorial Scholarship.

    Scholarship prices vary from $ 500 to $ 5,000 and are set by the Elevations Foundation Scholarship Committee. All grants are awarded based on financial needs, personal and professional goals, and grants and merit.

    Scholar and Her Family

    MR Hellie Memorial Scholarship

    The MR Hellie Memorial Scholarship is for high school graduates attending an accredited Colorado high school who are applying to, or have been admitted to college or university.

    MR Hellie was President of Elevations Credit Union from 1964 to 1986, and this scholarship was created in his honor.

    Don E. Neuburger Memorial Grant

    The Don E. Neuburger Memorial Scholarship is for high school graduates currently attending an accredited high school in the Thompson School District.

    This scholarship is named after Mr. Neuburger, the founder and CEO of Longs Peak Credit Union, which later merged with Elevations Credit Union. In 1953, Mr. Neuburger founded the credit union and in 1988 the scholarship in his name.

    Wm. C. «Bill» Sterner Memorial Fellowship

    The Wm. C. The «Bill» Star Commemorative Scholarship is for high school graduates currently attending an accredited high school in Colorado who are applying for and planning to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder.

    Wm. C. «Bill» Sterner was President and CEO of Elevations Credit Union from 2000 to 2008 and was active in the Credit Union movement locally and nationally. Mr. Sterner embodied a strong sense of volunteering and education. This scholarship helps continue that legacy.

    «I was confident that I would apply for and accept the scholarship because I knew the organization that read my application wanted to help me and many other people and organizations to make a positive impact on the community.»

    – Jay Kang, 2018 scholarship holder

    Apply for an Elevations Foundation scholarship

    If the Elevations Foundation’s scholarships and requirements are a match for you, apply for a scholarship today! Here are the requirements for applying:

    • Short essay (maximum 500 words)
    • 2 recommendations (no family members)
    • High school diploma
    • A copy of the FAFSA Student Aid Report
    • Copy of the letter of admission from the college or university (if available)
    • A current photo

    The deadline is March 1st, but don’t wait until the last minute to apply! Some applicants miss it because they don’t give their referrers enough time to fill out a referral.

    Learn more about the Elevations Foundation scholarship application process here.

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