“What sets us apart is how we deal with crises.”


    LePoidevin works with Marc Rinfret and Fletcher Hemmons to create client portfolios and manage assets. He says he wouldn’t be as successful without the support of his team.

    “Fletcher and Marc are the other portfolio managers on the team that I’ve hired as my ‘young guns’,” he says. “We meet regularly and make the stock picks. I can only handle so many relationships, that’s why they’re such an integral part of the team. We have a wonderful team, from administration to portfolio management partners. ”

    LePoidevin Group’s success is based on a consistent and disciplined investment approach aimed at maintaining wealth, ignoring market fads, taking advantage of market corrections, sticking to a long-term approach and changing course when the opportunity presents itself. LePoidevin believes that one of the things that makes his team stand out is their ability to manage crises, thanks to their macroeconomic perspective.

    “I’ve seen four recessions in my career and each of our clients prevailed on a calendar basis,” he says. “What sets us apart is how we deal with crises and how our customers have achieved long-term outperformance.”

    This differentiator has resulted in loyalty, customer satisfaction and referrals that have allowed the practice to grow where it is today. The LePoidevin Group’s success is also based on Canaccord Genuity, whose focus is on delivering world-class wealth management strategies and skills. It is not a big bank, but an entrepreneurial and supportive environment in which the LePoidevin Group can pursue the interests of its customers.


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