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    If you want to build a business, you have to build an audience. We never had more tools available these days – but the landscape is changing fast. Even if you’ve already built a strong following, the way people connect with you and each other is constantly changing.

    At the Audience Driven Summit tomorrow and Wednesday, October 12-13, we brought together some of the frontline voices to tell us what works – and what doesn’t.

    Here are some of the things to expect at the Summit:

    Email is still a thing

    Although email celebrates its 50th birthday this year, it shows no signs of slowing down as a medium. While much of the web has been consolidated under the control of the big technology and social media companies, email remains a persistently open holdover from the old web – a way to reach your employees directly.

    But don’t let email longevity fool you – how you use it changes quickly.

    Nathan Barry, the CEO of ConvertKit, will share his thoughts on where the emails are going. He points out the power of automation to excite your audience based on their position in their stories without having to do everything yourself.

    E-mail platforms are also increasing their monetization. Companies like Substack, Patreon, and others have ushered in a new era of paid newsletters as ConvertKit continues to move into integrated sales.

    Podcasting still has room for you

    While podcasting has exploded, there is no sign of it stopping. If you are dedicated and smart with your approach, you can build a strong following – and a source of income. Podcasting pro Espree Devora shares her top tips to get you started.

    But podcasting isn’t just a chance for you as a host – you can make a splash as a guest on other podcasts too. When you get the hang of being a guest on other shows, you can get your name out there in front of a huge audience of other people!

    Video growth is there to be taken away

    Ali Abdaal was growing his YouTube followers like crazy. He emphasizes the importance of getting into your reps:

    “I had the theory that my first 100 videos would be terrible, so I decided to work through those first 100 as soon as possible.”

    Of course, if you don’t worry too much about quality control at first, you can make a habit of shipping regularly. Optimizing your work helps make things even more sustainable – Ali’s simple but powerful advice?

    Find out which bits you can stack.

    Ali Abdaal

    At Audience Driven, Ali talks about how you can achieve consistent growth with your video channel, even if you work part-time.

    Online courses and cohorts are proven winners

    The tools are better than ever for turning your knowledge into an online course that you can sell online forever. Once you’ve built an audience, taking an online course can be a perfect – and great – way to convert them into paying customers.

    If you want to add even more value, people are asking for not only high quality courses but also cohorts to study from. More and more course designers are helping a group of students learn the material and help them troubleshoot. Wes Kao from Maven will help you get your own cohort-based course rolling.

    This is the decade for the community to shine

    Building a community on the internet has always been an important thing – but now people are finally starting to really appreciate it. Accordingly, we have seen a proliferation of well-built, mature platforms. Circle, one of our Summit partners, supports our SPI Pro community as well as our Academy community for course participants.

    Learning how to build a sustainable community is not an easy task – what’s free? What is paid How do you bind people? How do you curate your membership without being too exclusive?

    Anne-Laure Le Cunff of Ness Labs will answer these questions and reveal the secrets of how she built her hugely successful online community.

    So much more

    Join us for the Audience Driven Summit to immerse yourself in all of this and much more for two days! And it’s completely free. Go to AudienceDriven.co to register.


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