When absolutely everything is in the air…again


    If you’ve been reading BAD for more than a few years, you know that my life has been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. Not what I wanted, planned or was always my fault. I have to admit that some of the challenges came from my poor planning and preparation. But, uh, I just feel like I never get a break.

    So once again everything in my life is up in the air…

    • I was told that my contact job ends in February at the latest. (I actually have an unexpected call with my boss today, which doesn’t bode well.)
    • As my mother’s health continues to deteriorate, my father is now having to start treatment himself, putting more of a burden on my 3 (of the 4) siblings who support my father as my mother’s primary caregiver. You must do more for my father now.
    • My adopted/not actually adopted daughter has been arrested and things are not looking good. Her bail was set at $19,400 (no condominium bond allowed). I just can’t take the thought of paying close to $3,000 to get her out on something temporary since she did it and admitted to doing what she’s accused of doing. And I feel like a terrible person for that. Just awful.
    • The gymnast could not find another job. Due to his age his options are really limited here. This really cushions his relocation delays and saves several months in expenses. I know that’s not my problem and of course he’s welcome to stay here. But he doesn’t have to stay here. He must be in a bigger city with more opportunities.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions

    And probably worst of all… the absolute worst thing is that my sanity is really suffering. All of the upheaval of the last year with the loss of my dream job/team, the failure of my new tenure contract, the failure of my relationship, and the unexpected overwhelming sense of loss I experience when I’m faced with empty nesting sites, I just can’t get my head around get clear I have always been a see what I want and will get it person, determined and never wavering in my confidence. All of that… yes, how phew!

    chaos in the brain


    First priority, securing work. I’m hiring applications like it’s going out of style. I have opened up the option to relocate, work onsite, work hybrid or continue remotely. This is huge for me as I have been remote for almost 20 years. But since there are no more kids to take care of, there’s really no reason not to be open to anything out there.

    I’m super proud of my newly revised CV. But I’m very struggling on my career path. The other day I googled “jobs to love people”. i know crazy Meaning and passion – that’s what I need. I suppose it’s because of the empty nest and not having anyone to take care of. Who would have thought that this would be such a big loss to Liberation as I expected?!? I have and have had several calls with recruiters as well, so I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

    Also, I’m considering reviving my business but it’s not my first choice and what I would do is still very fuzzy.

    Texas bound

    My family has certainly mentioned a few times that I should consider moving there. And I’ve included it as an optional location for relocation in my job search. I know my siblings could use my parents’ help, but they also understand why it was important for me to be here with my children. I’m definitely applying in the Texas area.

    To be honest, the thought of moving to an area with a higher cost of living, housing insecurity and all of that just scares me. (Please excuse my French.)


    I would really prefer not to leave Georgia until Princess finishes school. I’m sure it’s just me, but I feel like she still needs me, at least sometimes. And the history buff is just getting back on his feet – good job, back to school. And Beauty might be going to jail for a while, but she needs somewhere to go.

    One day at a time

    Can you tell I just feel overwhelmed by everything? The pressure of the unknown hits me from all sides. Needless to say, I am making minimal debt payments until the job situation is resolved. And I’m hiding as best I can, this job market is tough with all the layoffs of super talented people.



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